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How to Change the MAC Address of an Android Mobile without Rooting it? mobile

How to Change the MAC Address of an Android Mobile without Rooting it?

Many times, when we perform different tutorials that our readers have been asking for some time, we commented that it is impossible to carry them out unless our Android mobile device is rooted, and we know that this is something that bothers many. What happens is that in that way it is much easier to customize the device, but beyond that, this time we especially want to teach a trick that we usually ask and that we had not taught until the development without rooting

Download The Cleaner -Boost & Clean for Android and optimize your phone to the maximum downloads

Download The Cleaner -Boost & Clean for Android and optimize your phone to the maximum

There comes a time where we have so many things on the mobile phone, so many saved data that it is necessary to do a cleaning and see how to optimize it. If you are looking for an application that can optimize the operation of your mobile then you have to download The Cleaner - Boost & Clean for Android

This is how you unlock a Samsung J2 samsung galaxy j

This is how you unlock a Samsung J2

We can not deny that the Galaxy J line was one of the great successes of Samsung a few years ago, we currently have a lot of versions: J2 2015, J2 2016 and J2 Prime . Little by little, better versions of this mobile device come out and each of them is better than the previous one, but obviously one big doubt that many owners of a Samsung J2 have is How can you unlock a Samsung J2

How to change the default storage to the microSD / SD card mobile tutorials

How to change the default storage to the microSD / SD card

Low-end or mid-range mobile phones that have Android have a serious problem that quickly becomes the nightmare of people who decide to acquire one without taking this into account. What is it? The storage space is that if we go to aso the operating system, it usually weighs between 4-5 GB at least, varying a bit depending on the Android version

How to restore factory or restart a Samsung tablet? samsung

How to restore factory or restart a Samsung tablet?

Samsung is not only the company that sells the most mobile phones when we think of smartphones, but it is also on the top list of the largest volume of tablets sold worldwide. Of course, we can not help but take into account that with the passage of time, Samsung tablets may start to work a little worse than when they were newly acquired

How to use the bait in Pokémon Go pokemon go

How to use the bait in Pokémon Go

Here you will find all the information you need to use the bait in the game of Pokemon GO, the game that is delighting many players not only in the Spanish language but also worldwide, even having more active users than twitter in a record time, it has also managed to get Nintendo to increase its revaluation on the stock market by 75%, some figures are surprising the world by the speed with which it is happening

How to install an APK from the PC [Windows] tutorials

How to install an APK from the PC [Windows]

An APK is simply an Android application in the form of an installable file, and although it is perfectly possible to install it on the phone without the need for a PC, the Windows Pure PC software APK Install offers a more "advanced" method that allows you to customize the installation of that APK

Problems with your Wifi?  We recommend the best Wifi access points of 2017 wifi tutorials

Problems with your Wifi? We recommend the best Wifi access points of 2017

Wifi became extremely popular and we could say that currently there is no home that does not have a Wi-Fi connection, it is not surprising if we are going to the case because obviously we have powerful mobile devices that are supplanting computers and laptops that are also gaining ground, all this works wonders with Wifi and even the same technology without wires and with so much freedom to be able to be anywhere in your house and have a connection is just great

activate whatsapp

How to Activate the WhatsApp Video Call on Android?

There is no doubt that one of the best investments made by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was to buy WhatsApp for millions of dollars. This is one of the most used messaging services in the world and it is not necessary if you want to tell you if at this time you should talk to your friends through it

Tutorial to deactivate the blue ticks of WhatsApp

Why the people of WhatsApp are all pretty crazy and they love that we do not have any privacy, something we obviously appreciate ... a moment, no, we do not. Since the update of the double blue check the headaches with this issue have not done more than grow, grow and continue to grow until mature, shortly after this option was enabled that so little needed, if not absolutely, they started to see all over the network a lot of negative comments totally against what WhatsApp had done and is why they were not lacking, we saw how our privacy was put in the toilet and with a beautiful smile on the f

How to Activate Verification in two Steps of WhatsApp

Two-step verification is something that is being implemented for security reasons in a large number of applications and websites. In the case of WhatsApp this option exists for more than a year, although it is something different from what we are used to. For that reason we will see how to activate the verification in two steps of WhatsApp so you can keep your phone number safe

How to disable the WhatsApp auto-save?

Let's do a little test to see if you are needing this article or not ... go to the Gallery of your Android mobile device, and check if between the internal folders you have two calls WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Video. Do you have them, right? Well, they are there because WhatsApp, the world's leading instant messaging application, usually downloads what other people send automatically to us

Disable WhatsApp Notifications

Of the instant messaging applications we use today, the crown is WhatsApp with an incredible advantage over all the alternatives that exist, which are many, ironically Messenger is the closest and I say ironically because they belong to the same people to say in some way. WhatsApp was growing more and more, adding functions, fixing bugs, improving in terms of security, something that is necessary and that I leave aside many users with different operating systems that must change mobile to continue using the app

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Add new icons to WhatsApp

Icons or emojis, are one of the most used tools of expression for a long time when the era of the msn, Messenger mitico was present , you can still remember when people used the buzz or emojis to express certain emotions that why not ? use an image is better than a thousand words, because if the reality is this, today that has been transferred to whatsapp but if it is true that this brought the whatsapp as something own also tends to tire that are the same or worse yet we Let's go without an image that explains how we feel at that moment is really frustrating that's why we're going

How to add Contacts in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the main application of instant messaging of the entire planet , one that has other interesting advantages, such as the fact that it is completely free, easy to use, that allows us to communicate in many possible ways, and at the same time time, which works in the vast majority of mobile phones today, based on its compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems, to name the most famous cases

How to Add a Contact to a WhatsApp Group WITHOUT being an Administrator?

I still remember that time where we had many message packs for relatively little money. In the company where I was, they gave you around 6000 SMS per week for about 4 USD at the most. Things have changed now, prices also clearly. The issue is that since we met WhatsApp not only all of us stopped using SMS because it ended up leaving us cheaper, but the phone companies did everything possible to avoid us using only mobile data and no SMS and relatively little, traditional calls

How to add people in WhatsApp without having the number?

WhatsApp is surely the most important instant messaging application in the world , and this is because not only allows us to communicate for free with all our friends, but also be connected to many of them. In fact, we know that WhatsApp is the app of this segment that has more users, and therefore, offers us more chances to send or receive messages from all our acquaintances

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The best launchers for Alcatel 2017

Android is a truly versatile operating system with a host of interesting features that steal your eyes, any person and is that not only for its functionality but for the basic tools that this system offers to make life a bit more bearable of all then, in terms of personalization , there is no other more competitive and versatile system, without a doubt this is the one that takes the crown and all the congratulations, then if you have an Alcatel device and you are tired of its appearance, you can change it without any problem with the help of certain tools that facilitate the customization avail

Cheats for Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3

It is totally normal that when we have a mobile device like the Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 we look for tricks and certain things to be able to do to it, tips to be able to do certain things with the mobile phone like increase the battery life among many other things. For that reason I want to comment on this article just all those tricks that can be done with this mobile phone, in a few words we could say the best tricks for Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 , keep reading that I'll leave them all below

How to Delete the Original Applications of the Alcatel One Touch

Although it is true that Alcatel is not currently one of the main companies that we can take into account when we think of smart mobile devices, we can also consider that some of their smartphones have been very sought after by the general public. In this particular case we wanted to stop at the Alcatel One Touch, to teach a tutorial that many users are asking us, relative to the possibility of eliminating absolutely all the applications that come from the factory in this terminal

How to Make a Screen Capture on a Alcatel One Touch 4010a

Although many readers right now may seem almost impossible, we can not help but consider that at some time in the past, mobile devices manufactured by Alcatel were among the most required, mobile that many users had in their power to use every day. The truth is that among all the teams of this firm that have managed to resist to this day, some stand out, among which we can point out for example the Alcatel One Touch 4010a