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How to use Google Earth Pro Free [Tricks and Secrets] Google Earth

How to use Google Earth Pro Free [Tricks and Secrets]

At some time in the past we have already talked about the many benefits that users can get through the usual use of Google Earth Pro , and that if you were one of those young children who spent hours entertained with the globe at school or In your homes, you have to know that there is a modern tool that basically offers us the same possibilities

Minecraft Guide to Download Minecraft Free and First Steps Minecraft

Minecraft Guide to Download Minecraft Free and First Steps

One of the most successful games of all time without doubt is Minecraft and is that the idea of ​​having an open world with infinite possibilities definitely makes any gamer want to enjoy it. At the beginning it was not too big to say, we could say that it was a simple LEGO for computers , but the time and the flexibility of it made the users little by little to love him in such a way that today he became what he is, the game most played by both children and adults and that is another of the geniuses of it, it is completely adaptable for all audiences . In

How to change the "size" of the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 screen smartphones

How to change the "size" of the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 screen

One of the nice things about working on the computer screen is that you can see "enough" content on that screen . The cell phone screen is small, and therefore you will only see a fraction of what you see on the PC. But there is a way to change the screen size of your phone (virtually speaking, of course)

Is it possible to hack a group of WhatsApp? spy whatsapp

Is it possible to hack a group of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a widely used application around the world to send and receive messages of all kinds, that is something that we all know very well, is the most used and above all things the most practical of all. One of the good things that it has is that we can create the famous groups, with them we can keep ourselves communicated in a much more agile way with our friends, co-workers, university, etc

Use Facebook chat without downloading Facebook Messenger Facebook

Use Facebook chat without downloading Facebook Messenger

Social networks have already become an essential part of our day to day and it is common that we spend at least one hour a day reviewing what our friends have published in social media such as Facebook or Twitter among others. The use of social networks has grown exponentially as the use of smartphones grew and nowadays most social network users connect to them from their mobile phone and not from a computer

This notification will be the culprit that you can NEVER retrieve your cell phone STOLEN tutorials

This notification will be the culprit that you can NEVER retrieve your cell phone STOLEN

Having the Device Found notification turned on is the perfect recipe for tracking your stolen cell phone and FAILING in the attempt (outright). In case your Android device has been stolen or lost, as owner you can locate the cell phone from the internet and see its location from a PC or remote device

How to Accelerate Facebook on Android with this Application Facebook

How to Accelerate Facebook on Android with this Application

Facebook is one of the most used applications today, and that is why it adds a lot of downloads from the Play Store . However, in some phones it can become slow, restart or simply close without warning and this is because the application requires certain minimum requirements to function properly, for example, RAM, a dual-core processor and enough space in internal memory, which is often a problem

How to disable the Facebook update on a Samsung Galaxy tutorials

How to disable the Facebook update on a Samsung Galaxy

Right now the Facebook application may work well for you. But that can change from one moment to another with a simple update of the app. You may lose some feature or feature that you used frequently. You can also find new things that are likely to get in your way . That's what usually happens after an update

activate whatsapp

Tutorial to deactivate the blue ticks of WhatsApp

Why the people of WhatsApp are all pretty crazy and they love that we do not have any privacy, something we obviously appreciate ... a moment, no, we do not. Since the update of the double blue check the headaches with this issue have not done more than grow, grow and continue to grow until mature, shortly after this option was enabled that so little needed, if not absolutely, they started to see all over the network a lot of negative comments totally against what WhatsApp had done and is why they were not lacking, we saw how our privacy was put in the toilet and with a beautiful smile on the f

How to deactivate WhatsApp calls

Since WhatsApp appeared we could say that the SMS disappeared completely, unless you have no other option and sometimes very specific it is rare that we have to use SMS. Since the calls of WhatsApp appeared, now the traditional calls were in the past. With WhatsApp both to send messages and to make video calls we spend very little credit and in case of being with Wi-Fi we spend absolutely nothing

How to activate Whatsapp without having to wait 24 hours

Do you need a presentation for the most downloaded application in the world? We can not deny that WhatsApp was growing at an impressive rate, eliminating SMS, traditional calls and helping us in a few words to have a much more fluid and economic communication with hundreds of people, with the function of video calls among other interesting things that little to little they are added to the app it does not stop growing

How to disable the WhatsApp auto-save?

Let's do a little test to see if you are needing this article or not ... go to the Gallery of your Android mobile device, and check if between the internal folders you have two calls WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Video. Do you have them, right? Well, they are there because WhatsApp, the world's leading instant messaging application, usually downloads what other people send automatically to us

How to Activate Verification in two Steps of WhatsApp

Two-step verification is something that is being implemented for security reasons in a large number of applications and websites. In the case of WhatsApp this option exists for more than a year, although it is something different from what we are used to. For that reason we will see how to activate the verification in two steps of WhatsApp so you can keep your phone number safe

Interesting Articles: add whatsapp

How to add Contacts in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the main application of instant messaging of the entire planet , one that has other interesting advantages, such as the fact that it is completely free, easy to use, that allows us to communicate in many possible ways, and at the same time time, which works in the vast majority of mobile phones today, based on its compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems, to name the most famous cases

How to add people in WhatsApp without having the number?

WhatsApp is surely the most important instant messaging application in the world , and this is because not only allows us to communicate for free with all our friends, but also be connected to many of them. In fact, we know that WhatsApp is the app of this segment that has more users, and therefore, offers us more chances to send or receive messages from all our acquaintances

How to Add a Contact to a WhatsApp Group WITHOUT being an Administrator?

I still remember that time where we had many message packs for relatively little money. In the company where I was, they gave you around 6000 SMS per week for about 4 USD at the most. Things have changed now, prices also clearly. The issue is that since we met WhatsApp not only all of us stopped using SMS because it ended up leaving us cheaper, but the phone companies did everything possible to avoid us using only mobile data and no SMS and relatively little, traditional calls

How to add emoticons to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the main applications of instant messaging in the world , one that has all kinds of elements and that especially since its acquisition by Facebook, has simply not stopped evolving. Now, in the same way we believe that it is not possible to lose sight of the fact that many users miss classic emojis or emoticons within this platform

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How to recover videos or files on Alcatel mobile phones

Surely on some occasion or in several you have deleted some video or photos , files in general perhaps by accident or maybe because you simply did not want to see them anymore and then we ended up regretting it. If you want to recover the files that you deleted and you do not know how to do it, then we are going to show you exactly what you should do to be able to recover these files without any kind of problem and above all things without complicating your life all on your Alcatel mobile phone

How to Remove and Change the Alcatel Idol 2 and Idol 3 Screen Easily

If you want to learn how to change the screen of the Alcatel Idol 3 then in this article you will find the answer to that question. How to change the screen of the Alcatel Idol 3 ? We will teach you step by step how you should do to change it, keep in mind that the screen cost can be high because it is quite large (5

The best launchers for Alcatel 2017

Android is a truly versatile operating system with a host of interesting features that steal your eyes, any person and is that not only for its functionality but for the basic tools that this system offers to make life a bit more bearable of all then, in terms of personalization , there is no other more competitive and versatile system, without a doubt this is the one that takes the crown and all the congratulations, then if you have an Alcatel device and you are tired of its appearance, you can change it without any problem with the help of certain tools that facilitate the customization avail

Accelerate Alcatel Pop C5, improves its performance

In the market we find mobile phones of all kinds, for all tastes and for all budgets. But no matter how much the technology advances, when the phone has been on for some time we notice that it does not work as well as it did at the beginning and that it is slower than it should be. This is a common problem in many phones, but in this case we are going to focus on how to accelerate Alcatel Pop C 5 to improve its performance and improve our experience as users of this device