I can not put SD card in Samsung J7 and J7 Prime

We can not deny that one of the best devices, with the permission of the Samsung S8, that launched the company was undoubtedly the Samsung J7 and its improved version the J7 Prime. After all these phones have very good features at a price that is very competent and that allows a large number of users can access it without any kind of problem.

Although the fact that they are good mobile devices does not mean that they do not have any kind of problem, in fact, the Samsung J7 and the J7 Prime have several problems and luckily the solutions are quite simple. In this case if you have any problem to put the SD memory on your Samsung J7 and J7 Prime, we will help you solve it in this article.

Can not insert microSD in Samsung J7

Many people are those who try to put the SD card for more than follow the drawing as indicated on the phone, they find that it does not enter, as if it had something to prevent the microSD could be placed normally.

You have to bear in mind that this problem is something of factory, ossea is fault of the same Samsung since the phone comes badly in that specific part and has problems to be able to the slots SD.

It was a lot of mobile phones that were mostly replaced, but there are always those that are sometimes impossible to replace because they were sold or simply distributed to third parties.

Impossible to put the SD card in Samsung J7 Prime

What you have to do is resort to the official guarantee and ask that you replace the phone with a new one that does not have exactly this problem, it is the only way to fix it. We know that it can be quite annoying to have to send the mobile phone and wait for another Samsung J7 Prime to be sent again, but it is the only way to solve this problem with the microSD.

The good thing is that if you have the warranty and the phone is in good condition, Samsung changes the device without charging you absolutely nothing since, after all, it is a problem of them, factory and one as a customer did nothing wrong so which is a direct change.

By the way, we do not recommend anything to try to force the slot in any way so that, between the microSD, since only you would damage it and even once damaged, Samsung does not recognize your mobile, so to take into account.