How to activate the debug mode in Android?

Android is possibly the operating system with more freedom that exists at the moment for mobile devices, one of the options that you should always have activated if you like to experiment with this OS is undoubtedly the USB debug mode, it is not really complicated achieve and we will show you in this article how you should do to achieve it.

USB debugging? What is it? What is it for?

Obviously we will explain before continuing some things about USB debugging and that it is focused mainly for people who are dedicated to developing apps for Android, so that the end is "completely open" to be used with the computer.

Remember that the mobile is never in danger with the process of activating USB debug mode, so you should not worry about this.

Enable USB Debugging on Android

If you use a somewhat older version of Android or the "development options" do not appear anywhere, you must first go to Settings, then to " About the device " and then go to the part that says " Build number " after this what you should do is press several times in succession on it and a message appears that tells you that the option has been unlocked.

Now if we continue, we will go to the main menu of " Settings " and then we will have to go to the section that says " Developer options ", now we are simply going to have to go to the option that says " USB debugging" and the brands.

Now what you should do is connect the mobile to your computer and wait for a message to appear on the smartphone asking if you want to allow USB debugging, remember that you have the option to always allow it to enter USB debug mode, which we always recommend and when it comes to your own computer, if not simply accept and do not mark anything.

As you can see, activating this option is not at all complicated and depending on what you want to achieve it can be very useful, remember that what we did previously is not a risk to finish and it does not generate any kind of problems with the guarantee, but then what you decide to do from here, be it the tutorial that is, you can have your risks so be careful.