How to use WhatsApp on PS3

When we think of the main consoles that we can find in the market in these times, if we stop in the catalog of Sony people, you will be sure that the PS4 or PlayStation 4, especially in its Pro version, is the most powerful that we can achieve. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that the previous PS3 or PlayStation 3 is still in force, so some of the best tricks for the PS3 are still completely useful even in these times.

Indeed, we must also point out that when we think of the main applications of the world, we can find some like Netflix, PlayStation Home, MUBI, and many of them can run absolutely smoothly on our PlayStation 3. However, recently many Users have been asking us if it is possible to install WhatsApp on the PlayStation, and then we wanted to talk in this article about how to use the messenger directly on your console.

Of course, everyone knows, first of all, that WhatsApp is available only for some mobile platforms, and in fact many of them have been recently removed by the developers of the same app, only options such as Android, Windows Phone, etc. Mac and iOS. But going back to the PS3 console, if you want to run the messenger on this machine, you have to know that there is a possibility of doing it, in a completely simple way.

Install WhatsApp on PS3

Of course, the first thing we have to point out in this regard is that there is no direct way to install WhatsApp on the PlayStation 3 console, although there are some tricks with which we can achieve exactly the same results, and that will be very useful . On this occasion, we are talking about a method that will be applied in this tutorial and that is the only one through which we can really get to run WhatsApp on a PlayStation 3 quickly and easily.

The only thing you need to carry out these tricks is to have a high speed and stable Internet connection, in addition to a web browser with an account on your PS3. If you already have these two elements, it is time to start then with the turorial to enjoy WhatsApp Web on your PlayStation 3. You have to go to the web browser of your console, and then go selecting all the personalization elements that we like. say both the Language, and others of the navigation itself .

If you have already completed all the steps above, then it's time to go to the browser, and open WhatsApp Web, which is the system that the developers of the messenger have designed for all users who want to enjoy the same outside of their smartphones. . In particular, we have to say that you can enter this platform from (although you can also search for it as "WhatsApp Web" in the search engine). You will see that the QR code appears, and you will have to synchronize it with your mobile .

When both devices have been linked, you will be able to see all the WhatsApp messages of your account, regardless of which operating system you have, which may well be Android / iOS / Windows Phone, since the connection is made through the network of WiFi, so that's indifferent. Having WhatsApp on the PS3 is completely possible as you have seen, although you have to consider in the same way that you will have to follow these steps, otherwise you will not get good results.