How to Create Live Albums Google Photos in Very Few Steps

Live Albums is one of the options of Google Photos that are being used most today and is that in this way you can automatically add our photos. It does not only serve to have a backup of all our photographs.

It also allows us to manage more efficiently and above all comfortable photos that we take with our mobile device.

How to create Live Album with Google Photos

Actually, it is very easy to create a Live Album with Google Photos . The only thing you will have to do is follow the steps that we are going to leave you next.

Follow them step by step, do not skip any and in a matter of a few minutes you will be able to have your Live Album created with Google Photos to be able to manage all your photographs in this way and as I said to have a backup of all of them in case it happens something with your mobile device.

  • What you are going to do is enter Google Photos.
  • After this, simply look for the option that says " New Album ".
  • After doing this, a message will appear that says " Add photos of people or animals automatically ".
  • When that message appears, what you are going to do is go choosing all the photos and even videos that you want to add to the album and when you finish you simply have to press the button that says " Activate ".

This way you have your Live Album created . As you can see it is not complicated at all and in a few steps you will have this convenient option to store all your photographs.

Upload all the photos to the cloud with Google Photos

We always recommend uploading the photos to the cloud since on many occasions or micro SD cards are damaged or we can even lose the mobile device, this can be damaged or in the worst case we can suffer from the insecurity that is at the command of the day.

The photographs are a great memory of the most beautiful moments we have lived. Obviously it is not at all nice to lose them and that is why we must take all the necessary measures to protect them.

When you upload them to the cloud in a Google account you forget all this and even if you change your device, you will have all the photos available without having to manually pass them from one mobile to the other.