Low Quality in Instagram Photos and Videos How to Fix It?

In Instagram we can upload photos and videos of everything we do to our profile. We can also upload various stories that last 24 hours and then are eliminated. The problem is that many people complain that, when uploading a photo or video is in poor quality or poor quality How can we fix it? Let's talk about this topic below.

Instagram photos and videos in low quality

It is more than evident that when we upload a photograph to the social network we want to look good with our followers. In order to do this, we need the photo in question to be of great quality. Not only in terms of content but in terms of image.

This problem is really quite common and there are many people who see their photos and videos suffer a great drop in quality when they want to upload them to the social network . But the reason is not the app itself or your phone, they all have something in common. Do you want to know what it is?

They take the photo directly from the app. The problem is precisely that, when you take a picture from the camera and then you pass it to the application, the quality stays within everything. However, when you take a photo from the app, the quality of the photo is reduced.

Instagram low quality videos and photos

Then to be able to take photographs or record videos in good quality and then upload them keeping it . What you have to do is use the camera on your mobile device and then open the app and pass the photo to Instagram. Basically you do not have to take the picture directly from the application.

In the end it is also much more comfortable since from the camera we can take several pictures without having to be returning or anything similar. In addition, you can use other apps that have better quality filters and interesting options to take pictures . After this upload to Instagram with a unique style and especially with quality.

Low quality Instagram stories

Likewise, most applications try to lower the quality of photos and videos a bit . The reason? So that when one has to see what others publish, do not consume an excessive amount of mobile data or take too long to load.

We must bear in mind that the more quality a video or photo has, the heavier it becomes and the heavier it becomes, the longer it takes to load, especially if you have mobile data.

But you already know the secret to have more quality in Instagram photos. So now you do not have excuses to take some good pictures or videos and share it with all the followers that you have in your account.