Trick to save on the data rate

If you do not have an unlimited mobile data plan, possibly consume all the GB you have in your plan before you even want to the last week of the month, it must be exasperating, try to send a message through an app, surf the web or whatever it is that consumes data becomes impossible and if, you exhausted all that you had available.

The issue is that the operators give us, generally, a certain amount of GB per month and when we spend them all then they limit our speed in a really exasperating way, entering a web page is practically impossible and in many cases until sending a simple message by WhatsApp can be quite an odyssey.

But do not despair because through some adjustments of our Smartphone you will be able to save a good amount of data in this way, to reach the end of the month with the plan you have and not die in the attempt.

1.- Synchronizations and notifications : Not only consume battery but have contacts, gallery, etc. and more etc. synchronized (we talk about Gmail accounts, etc) consume a lot of data and battery, in addition to notifications of games or other applications also consume data, some megs. Ideally, applications such as Facebook are configured to never update, by default it comes every hour, in this way you avoid consuming data unless you review it.

2.- Automatic updates : In the Play Store there are many applications that are updated automatically and this obviously consumes a large amount of data each time it occurs, that's why it is necessary that you configure them so that they do not update automatically and For example, update them every time you are with WiFi and not with data. To do this you must go to the Play Store, then to the menu and to My Applications, then in the part that says Update, uncheck where it says "Update automatically".

3.- Disable automatic downloads WhatsApp : From the settings part, then in chat settings and then in "Auto download multimedia" you should only put WiFi and not data as it will always consume you between 100 KB up anything that you pass and if you are in groups, even more.

4.- Web browser : Because the best without doubt are Opera Mini and Chrome, they are more efficient and optimized to work in a great way with data and at the same time not to over consume, the rest of browsers could say that they are a disaster at least in the use of data.

5.- Offline maps : Google Maps or Apple Maps consume a huge amount of data, luckily these two applications have an offline mode available so that when you are with WiFi you can download the maps and then use them without having to be connected to any Network class, a good way to save data without doubts.