Are you Internet Addict? How to prevent it and how to solve Internet addiction

Nowadays it is not at all uncommon to spend a huge amount of time at the computer. But not only remains in that, but also now with mobile phones that are carried everywhere, it is normal to be ALWAYS connected and all the time depending on the internet, watching what happens on social networks, on YouTube, updating states, etc. .

Internet addiction

The addiction can develop in a silent way and when you want to realize you are there, all day put into your mobile phone or computer and you can not leave it, when you spend too much time without being connected you feel empty, weird, desperate, it costs you breathe, it 's time to get to work to be able to quit an addiction that is not good, in reality none is.

How to cure Internet addiction

First you have to keep in mind that easy, it will not be. You need will and above all determination . Think that it is not good to depend so much on something, it can not be that the internet, a cigarette, a bottle of alcohol or whatever you are addicted to have control over you, you are stronger than that.

We recommend you first of all to try to find activities that are completely away from the Internet, computers and technology in general. Sport is one of the best things you could do.

At first it may cost to perform sports, but once you manage to put it into the routine it becomes extremely easy to keep going and you even do it completely automatically.

Treatment for Internet addiction

Reading books is another excellent idea that you could carry out, it is very interesting to read and expand our mind, we learn new things. But obviously they have to be non-digital books, the idea is to get away from technology in general, not only from the Internet.

Try to be firm with the subject of the schedules to be on the Internet, make an effort because your mind focuses on other activities and with the passage of time that will be done alone, by inertia without realizing it.

It is also necessary to find something that motivates us, if you have weight problems, eat healthy and exercise will have results in a short time motivating us to get away from the computer, even for a while.

Spend more moments with your friends and family, when you are with them, talk, but get away from the phone of everything and dedicate 100% to be with them.