How to watch TV on Android without Internet

Whether you do not have the service in your home or for example you are in your room and do not feel like going to the lounge, nothing better then enjoying your favorite channel or looking for a movie on TV but from your Android device, the issue is that it is always necessary to be connected, either through a WiFi network or using mobile data, however we will teach you how to watch TV on Android without using the Internet.

How to watch TV on Android?

First of all, you should know that it is possible to do it without the Internet as long as you have an antenna, which in some Smartphone is integrated, although not all.

Leaving aside that come several accessories, divided into two types: wireless and those that connect to our Smartphone directly . It is clear that there are advantages and disadvantages, not using cables has its advantages and comfort without doubts, the problem is that they have internal batteries which are usually exhausted too fast, the other problem is possibly the interference and the low speed of data transmission in comparison to the devices that are connected by cable.

And speaking of that, we are just talking about those that are directly connected, which cost more and are much more stable, as well as fast and reliable, and everything depends on the battery of our mobile phone, so in this case it seems to me me, the issue of the cable ends up being much more comfortable in the end.

EyeTV Micro : We can find it on Amazon at a ridiculous price actually because it is very accessible, all you have to do is install the EyeTV Micro application from the Play Store and voila, you can enjoy any television channel without paying anything, simply connect via microUSB to the smartphone and you're done, you'll have to synchronize the channels in the area where you obviously are and nothing more than that, you'll pay for the device only once and then enjoy all the channels for free.

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AVerMedia AVerTV Mobile : With this TV tuner you will be able to enjoy any kind of content from your country for free and it is that the tuner itself does not cost anything so it is very easy to get many channels, in the same way as with the above, you connect the device to your smartphone, then install the AVerMedia application and you're done.

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CSL - DVB-T Mini Adapter : Because its price is practically a joke, too attractive for any kind of pocket, this tuner is of excellent quality and accompanied by a really low price, again install the application of this product from the Play Store, you connect the device and ready, as if it were magic.

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To finish this article we agree that all products are good, although some may have something better than another, the only problem will be the price depending on your budget you can go with one or the other, without However, as I said, they perfectly fulfill the function of being able to watch television from Android without internet.