How to Download Google Play Services 11.7.43 beta in 5 Steps

Do you want to know how to download the latest version of Google Play Services on your mobile? Well, you have to start then with the first details, related to knowing specifically what this application is for. And is that although few know, Google Play Services works as a stand-alone application, but then many depend on it, in the same way that happens with the Play Store.

Indeed, beyond that as we said there are many users of Android mobile devices that do not have even the palest idea of ​​what Google Play Services is there for, in this case we want to teach you how to update it. Our recommendation for Google Play Services, as for absolutely any other application, is that you always keep it updated to its latest version.

And although Google Play Services is updated automatically via OTA, like any other application that we use on our smartphones, the truth is that it is sometimes convenient to anticipate those updates a bit. In fact, what we advise you is to install the Google Play Services APK, and that's why we're going to show you how to do it next.

Why update Google Play Services

Well, taking into account that it does not usually occupy the main pages of websites, is that today we did not want to stop talking about what Google Play Services is for . What happens is that although it is not famous, without these contents, you can be completely sure that none of the applications you have installed on your Android would be working.

The Google Play Services is there basically to work on the integration of these applications to your smartphone, and that is why it is an essential application taking into account this type of situations, which vary for each app. You have to know, beyond what has been mentioned so far, that for these same reasons, we recommend always update the Google Play Services by APK .

Therefore, if you are interested in being able to update Google Play Services to the Google Play Services version of this article, or the latest one that is available at all times, all you have to do is follow the steps below that we will teach you . Any questions you have in this regard, as always, you just have to ask us about it, of course.

Install Google Play Services 11.7.43 beta

  • Go to this link and download the Google Play Services installation APK
  • Go to Settings, Security, and enable Unknown sources
  • Run the Google Play Services APK
  • Wait for the installation to occur
  • Open Google Play Services from its icon

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