How to Sell in Wallapop Your Second Hand Items

Wallapop is one of the applications that has gained most popularity in recent times and is that we all sell and buy constantly, sooner or later. Have an app where you can find basically, anything second hand is ideal.

Many times you want a watch or maybe some shoes, but paying the price for a new product is out of the budget, then when this kind of applications come into play where you can find second-hand products at very affordable prices.

How to buy and sell in Wallapop

But not only can you buy it, but, in addition, in case you want to dislike certain things that are simply taking place in your home, what better to get a few bills? With Wallapop that is not at all complicated, it is a matter of publishing something and waiting in the comfort of the sofa, it's that simple.

The best thing of all is that the items for sale will appear according to the geographical range, so that in this way you do not have problems with everything related to the shipment, so that's why you do not have any problems.

In order to enter and use this application, it is necessary to create an account by synchronizing some of your social networks, which is very simple and it is a matter of pressing one or two buttons as soon as you execute the application.

Search articles and even publish them is considerably simple, there is always a button at the bottom available so you can publish what you want to sell, a few fields that correspond to the name of the product, a small description of it, the price and you must choose the category There is not much more than that. In addition, you can add several photos to create a gallery of images which would be ideal to sell the product faster and it is highly recommended that they be real photos .

Wallapop to buy and sell second-hand products

In addition to publishing it in Wallapop, you can share the ad in the different social networks so that more people see it, the best thing of all is that what I am talking about is completely free, you do not have to pay a single penny to be able to make use of it. this great application.

It also has a chat so that people interested in your product can communicate with you and ask you the questions they think are relevant. Then obviously you can make qualifications between buyer and seller to improve the image you have in Wallapop or in case something goes wrong, help others not to have to deal with certain people, that there are obviously everywhere.