How to Pixel an Image Using Paint in Less than 30 Seconds

Do you have to upload an image to a social network or forum, or send it to a friend through instant messaging applications? You have to know then that there are many advanced programs, such as Photopshop, which have functions to pixel them and so do not see some important data, although many users decide to pass them because they simply do not know how they work and do not want to waste time.

The truth is that, in the following lines, we want to teach you an alternative tutorial, one thanks to which you will have the possibility to pixel an image using Paint, which will allow you to do without Photoshop and other expensive programs, so we recommend that you continue reading, because you will find a step by step really interesting even if you are a newbie in these cases.

The best of all is that this tutorial will also take less than 30 seconds, so you can pixel your images with Paint without delay.

How to pixel an image with Paint

Well, we know that many of the people who have reached this point will think that it is simply impossible to pixel an image in such a short time, so let's show you that this is really possible, regardless of even what image format we are talking about. In this way you can do it:

  • First of all you have to open Paint, and in it the image you want to pixelate
  • Then you must click on the Select tool, taking that space over the image to determine the part of the image you want to pixelate
  • Once that area is established, you have to reduce that image using the arrows, to transform it into a small square, and then enlarge it again, so that the information in that space has been completely lost.
  • Of course, if instead of pixelar only one area of ​​the image you want to pixelate several, you have to select them one by one and go develop the previous steps that we have taught you
  • To undo any change, as always, just click Ctrl + Z

One last detail that we think you should not forget, especially if you have suffered some difficulties during this process, has to do with that on YouTube you will find a huge amount of video tutorials that show not only how to pixel images thanks to Paint, but also give you some other secrets and tricks to improve the results.