With Firefox, surfing your mobile will be practical and fast

We all surf the Internet, even for a little while during the day, to do it using a web browser that can be one of many, the most popular is undoubtedly Google Chrome which we have spoken on several occasions in the blog.

But in case Chrome does not finish convincing you, what you can do is download Firefox, another of the great browsers that are available to use, reliable, safe, fast and with constant updates that even make it superior to Chrome, at least for me.

How to download Firefox

First of all, you can download Firefox from this link. What you will get is a powerful, safe and reliable browser. If we go to the case Firefox is quite fast and you can navigate using the maximum of your connection.

Also, in case you want to protect your privacy, the Mozilla browser has the advanced privacy tools that allow you to configure it as you want to take care of your identity and all the websites you visit.

The truth is that it is a complete browser and quite careful in every way, I say careful because if we go to the case not only in design highlights, but also does it in RAM consumption, something that Chrome can not avoid, for example. Firefox consumes a lower amount of RAM than Google's browser consumes, becoming excellent for low-resource computers.

Download Mozilla Firefox

In addition, if you decide to download Firefox, you will have hundreds of extensions that you can use to add functions to it and thus be able to have it configured as comfortable as possible, so that either to navigate in moments of leisure, work or study, you can do it effectively and without losing time in anything else.

The best of all is that you do not have to have a single browser installed on your computer, you can have all you want there is no problem, no conflicts are generated, so you could have installed Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera at once without problems.

It is even recommended so that in this way you can try which of those browsers suits you best and with which you have a better experience, but from now on I say that possibly with Firefox, you can fully enjoy the internet completely and especially fast, not only by the way of loading the pages but by how optimized the browser is to operate in different kinds of computers.