How to see IF Someone is Connected on Facebook without being Friends?

Facebook is a social network that does not stop growing and in which new functions are added every day, as well as new people who start in it. Obviously, these people have a lot of questions that are gradually being answered.

The social network has many possibilities and you can, among other things, meet new people. It is simply great both for personal and professional level, as long as you know how to use it so that it does not become an obsession or anything similar. You already know that any kind of tool, no matter how good it is, if it is used badly ends up being harmful.

How to know if a person is connected without being friends

Actually, knowing if someone is connected without being friends on Facebook is not possible for obvious reasons. Although, that does not necessarily mean that you can not know when you are connected because there are methods, which are not very practical but ultimately work.

The first one is to make a false account, that is, another account that has a moderately decent profile picture, the odd state and send the friend request. If you accept it, you will know from here if it is connected or not.

Another option is to send a private message, because even if they are not friends if that person sees the message, a tilde or check appears that was read with the schedule, so you will know when you are online in this way.

Unfortunately, without being friends there is no way to know if that person is online or not, is a logical enough that takes the social network to protect the little privacy that allows us to have everything and is quite good that this is way.

But all in all, as I mentioned before, those are the only two methods you can use to know if that person is online without being friends on Facebook. So, there is no other way without losing too much time looking for you to see if that person who is not a friend is connected or not.

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