Cell Phone Charging All Night and Now Does Not Turn On What do I do?

Something we do every day is charge the battery of the mobile phone. It is something necessary to be able to have it on throughout our day. Many people choose to leave it charging all night to save some time in this way .

What they do not know is that this is one of the ways to load it that damages the device. Let's see below the bad practices that you should not do to make your device have a good life.

I charged my phone all night and now it does not turn on

We must bear in mind that, if the phone is left charging throughout the night, the battery life will end faster than you can imagine. That is why it is essential to charge the mobile only the recommended time, to prevent this from happening.

How to realize that the battery is damaged ? There are many symptoms that something is happening with the battery, that it is damaged, etc. One of them is just that the device does not turn on. Another is that the battery is swollen. Even if the battery lasts less time than it would generally last, it is a sign that the battery life is decreasing.

Do not leave charging the cell phone all night

If you left the mobile phone charging all night and it does not turn on . Then it is very likely that you would have left the battery damaged, that it has no load capacity and therefore the mobile device does not turn on.

What you must do to see if the battery is damaged or not is to try to force the start of it. For this you have to press the volume button down + home + on at the same time. In case your device does not have a home button, just press the two buttons mentioned above.

My phone does not turn on

In case your device does not turn on or hang on the logo. It is possible that he had suffered a sudden death. Something that is increasingly common in many devices.

To solve this, what you have to do is enter into recovery mode and then you simply have to go to " Reboot System Now ". In this way Android restarts as always and should work without any kind of problem.

In case you had done all the steps that we discussed. But that equally the device does not react. Then it is considerably likely that the battery is damaged and in this case you will have to buy a new one to change it since there is no way to fix it.

When the battery is damaged or is exhausted, the only possible solution is just to change it for a new one and in this way you will not have any more problems related to this issue. Try to buy an original that usually have a much longer lifespan than any other.