How to activate Whatsapp without having to wait 24 hours

Do you need a presentation for the most downloaded application in the world? We can not deny that WhatsApp was growing at an impressive rate, eliminating SMS, traditional calls and helping us in a few words to have a much more fluid and economic communication with hundreds of people, with the function of video calls among other interesting things that little to little they are added to the app it does not stop growing.

But one of the small problems that some users have to face is just when activating your WhatsApp with your phone number. One of those problems is when you have to wait 24 hours to activate the account of the application.

Activate WhatsApp

This happens because WhatsApp has strict security methods, in case you entered your phone number too many times and the verification code either by SMS or call did not reach you, then the app temporarily blocks you for a security issue.

How do we solve it? Simply paying close attention to what we are writing, there is no way to make a mistake in this, simply put the correct number, with the area code and simply send, in case you do not get an SMS simply ask to make a call.

WhatsApp tricks

You have to keep in mind that leaving aside the fact of putting the number right there is no way to activate WhatsApp without the code that is sent to you, there is no other way to achieve it. So we recommend that you just set the number of the area where you live and that you add the phone number correctly in order to avoid that 24-hour block when trying to activate WhatsApp .

In case you already have the application blocking, the only option you have is to wait for those 24 hours (if we know that the idea is not very nice, but it is the only alternative) Or simply try putting the number right, reviewing each one and repeating it, making sure of the area code as many times as necessary and retesting with SMS and calls. There is simply not much more science behind this.

Anything if you have questions or problems, you can leave them in the comments a little below that we can hardly try to help solve them.