How to Activate Verification in two Steps of WhatsApp

Two-step verification is something that is being implemented for security reasons in a large number of applications and websites. In the case of WhatsApp this option exists for more than a year, although it is something different from what we are used to.

For that reason we will see how to activate the verification in two steps of WhatsApp so you can keep your phone number safe. In a nutshell it's about that, a way to protect the registry of your mobile device.

It never hurts to have absolute control of your data, your mobile and your phone number is something extremely important therefore you have to take care of it.

The good thing about this is that regardless of whether another person manages to register your number and get the confirmation code. With the two-step verification you will not be able to activate your number in any way unless you know the code you use.

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Verification in two steps of WhatsApp

In order to activate this verification in two steps, you have to open WhatsApp and then go to the Settings menu. For this you have to press on the three points that are in the upper right part of the screen and then when you open the drop-down menu click on " Settings ".

Here you must go to the " Account " option that is the first one that appears. Once we enter this section we will see another option that says " Verification in two steps ".

In a few words it is a PIN that you add so that every time you register your phone number any person who does not have such PIN will not be able to do so. In this way only you can register your own phone number when you uninstall WhatsApp, restart the factory phone or change terminals.

What you must do is press the green button below that says " Activate ".

WhatsApp security PIN

Once you press on that button you have to write a six-digit PIN code . It is important that it is a number that you can easily remember because if you forget it you will not be able to register your own phone number in case you change your mobile, for example.

The PIN number must be entered twice . You can also add an email account that you will also enter twice. It is a good idea to add an email account because in case you forget your PIN you can recover it in this way . So it is highly recommended that you use your mail.

And smart, he does not have much more science than he is. Once finished everything you already have the verification in two steps of WhatsApp activated. The next time you want to activate your number, for whatever reason, you will need the security PIN to do so.

Remember that this is to protect the activation of your WhatsApp number, so that nobody can use it. In case someone wants to read your chats and have physical access to your mobile device you can do so as it does not work for this.