How to add people in WhatsApp without having the number?

WhatsApp is surely the most important instant messaging application in the world, and this is because not only allows us to communicate for free with all our friends, but also be connected to many of them. In fact, we know that WhatsApp is the app of this segment that has more users, and therefore, offers us more chances to send or receive messages from all our acquaintances.

Now, the truth is that if we want to add contacts to WhatsApp, we will need to have the phone number of the other person, because otherwise there is no way to incorporate them into this application, right? Well, the doubts of users about it date back a long time, and that's why we wanted to show you how to add contacts to WhatsApp even when you do not have your phone number.

Adding contacts to WhatsApp without their number

Well, if you want to add someone to WhatsApp but you do not have their number, such as that guy or girl from college or you know from friends, you have to know that there is a simple way to do it in just a few seconds. Before starting with the step by step anyway we want to tell you that it is fundamental for the operation of the terminal, to have the latest version of WhatsApp updated from this link .

  • Once we have updated WhatsApp, we enter the application, and look for Settings and then Profile
  • Within the Profile segment we are going to click on the option Scan code
  • The camera will open then, we can scan the code of our friend who is next to us even without knowing their number, and then we will have added to the WhatsApp agenda without knowing their number

Of this simple trick that we have just taught you, you must also know that it should work interchangeably in smart mobile devices, both Android and iOS, so do not worry too much about it.

Once we have added these friends to WhatsApp through the step by step above, that means you will have the chance to observe your phone number in just seconds, getting then see it and add it to the phone's calendar. Anyway, you should not lose sight of any case that if you have blocked, you can not access its elements as profile pictures, status, let alone talk to you.

For the rest, as we always like to leave some detail beyond the tutorials we can show you, we did not want to stress that this process is similar to the one that Facebook Messenger allows . Specifically, we must indicate that also in the messaging system of the people of Facebook, by simply scanning the QR code, we can add new contacts without further comings and goings.