Tutorial to deactivate the blue ticks of WhatsApp

Why the people of WhatsApp are all pretty crazy and they love that we do not have any privacy, something we obviously appreciate ... a moment, no, we do not. Since the update of the double blue check the headaches with this issue have not done more than grow, grow and continue to grow until mature, shortly after this option was enabled that so little needed, if not absolutely, they started to see all over the network a lot of negative comments totally against what WhatsApp had done and is why they were not lacking, we saw how our privacy was put in the toilet and with a beautiful smile on the face the button was pressed to send it far, far away.

But, the WhatsApp people know how to recognize when they're wrong ... Right? Well something similar and soon a new option was available with which it was possible to disable the double blue check, the horrible popcorn that left you in evidence when you read a message and evidently at that height you had to answer the same if or if, that option is simple to find and with which, you should not worry about the two blue popcorn, now if you see pigeons of other colors, please visit a doctor because it is not normal.

How to disable double blue check on Android

Because it is really too simple and only requires you to have the latest version of WhatsApp for later, just open the application go to Settings, Account info, Privacy and in this section you must uncheck the box that says " Reading confirmation ."

How to disable double blue check on iOS

In the case of iOS it is practically the same, we will have to go to the WhatsApp application, then go to the Settings section and then end in Account, now in Privacy we have the option that I told you above in the case of Android: Confirmation of reading, uncheck the option.

To take into account that yes and is that if you have the reading confirmation disabled so that no one can see if you read or not the messages, you can not see it in others, so keep this little detail in mind. Leaving aside this, the two blue checks will no longer appear.