How to remove the password from a memory card and unlock it

It is quite normal within all to use passwords for almost everything we have, you can use passwords for your mobile or you can even use a password for memory cards, so that nobody can access our personal photos or videos. The problem comes more than anything when we just forget the password that was to protect our data in the microSD How do we get it back? Or rather, how do we remove it? Actually, it is quite simple and does not require much knowledge.

Remove microSD password

We must bear in mind that we have a few options, some simpler than others. The first thing that we can think of is formatting the memory card, we already know what this means, leave it as if we had just bought it, without absolutely anything, which means that we are going to lose all the data, photos, videos, etc. But clearly we can use it as always .

The second option that we are going to give you is a bit more complicated, but you will not lose anything, we will need a computer first of all to be able to move forward.

What we are going to have to do first of all is go to our mobile and then to the File Manager for this we recommend that you use this same one that you can find in the Play Store. Once you're there, what you're going to have to do is go to system files and find a file called mmcstore right there. Now what you should do is send this file that we discussed earlier to the computer How? By sending it by USB or even if it seems weird you can send it by email.

Then once we have this file on the computer what we are going to do is right-click on it and select where it says "Open with ..." and what we will use to visualize it is to use the common Windows notebook.

Now what we will be able to see once opened is ... the password in question . It is as simple as we can see the password of any microSD without the need to use any kind of program or application, without waiting for anything and the most important thing is that we do not lose any data. Perhaps most alarming is that anyone who has a slight idea on the subject can remove the protection that we put simply in this way that as you see will not take more than ten minutes.