How to hide posts from a Facebook friend without deleting them

On Facebook we all have friends who, for work or another reason, spend a lot of time publishing a lot of things that do not interest us, many people believe that the only solution is to eliminate them from their friends list but the truth is that it is not the only way It is less drastic and dramatic than the idea of ​​eliminating that person.

Do not worry that we understand how annoying this situation is because the same thing happened to us until we did something very simple. We do not mean to stop following that person, Facebook has an option in which you just confirm or confirm a friend request automatically those people are followed. At that time is that you can start to see the other's publications, so the solution to hide your friend's publications is to stop following him.

How to stop following someone

As we said before to hide the posts of a certain person on Facebook without the need to eliminate it, the best thing to do is to stop following it. When doing this what happens is that when you go to review the news you will not see any publication of your friend, but do not think that you will not be able to see anything else about it, when you want to look for something you just have to enter your wall and that's it.

Believe it or not this option has been available for a long time and very few people know about it, even in 2016 thousands of people do not know what success. But we have thought about those people who have no idea about this function and that is why we have made this post, then you can see what they have to do step by step:

  1. They have to enter that person's profile
  2. You can see 3 buttons that are: Friends, Follow and Message
  3. You must click on Follow, if you say the word FOLLOW is because you stopped following it and if you do not have to click on the option that says Stop following .

It's that simple to stop following a friend, the best part of all this is that your friend will not be aware of anything therefore the friendship will remain intact and without problems, it is definitely a great option, right?