How to buy Fonasa bonds in CajaVecina

Once all the national media in Chile have officially confirmed the Fonasa and Banco Estado alliance, Chilean users have learned many of the novelties and benefits of this commercial agreement, such as the fact that they will be able to buy bonuses through Cajas Vecinas or CajaVecina, so many of those who read us and live in that South American country will probably want to know more details about it. Of course, we will analyze all the issues in this regard.

The first thing you have to know in this sense, is that as the local authorities themselves have mentioned the different media that have covered the news, the objective pursued with this commercial alliance was to "prevent people from moving to isolated areas "when they have to carry out this type of procedures. Undoubtedly, we will now have the possibility to access these benefits in all stores and commercial establishments that have CajaVecina .

Pay Fonasa bonds in CajaVecina

Well, we must emphasize in this sense that, according to Banco Estado, the organization of Cajas Vecinas has established more than 19, 800 points of attention for this type of cases, which are spread throughout the national territory of Chile, of course . In addition, we have to consider that one in four of them is located in Santiago, the capital, specifically 26% of the total, while the remaining 74% is scattered throughout the country.

As for the users, we know that the purchase of Fonasa bonds in Caja Vecina is available to more than 10 million users in sector B, C and D, although previously the application for this benefit must be made, following the instructions given. show below. First of all, you have to request the provider's Rut and code, just when you are going to request a consultation time at your medical center . After that, you should also know the Folio number in Fonasa.

All the information that we have mentioned above can be found thanks to Fonasa's official website, which you can access through this link, or by calling the telephone number of this institution, on 600 360 3000, which should be attended throughout the day for consultations. Once you have done these procedures, the following will pay the attention in any CajaVecina of BancoEstado, and for that you have to present the Folio number mentioned above.

At the same time, you must deliver proof of payment to the doctor on the day of care, showing that you have paid at CajaVecina, so you do not have to worry about anything else. As you can see, with these simple steps it is possible to buy Fonasa bonds in CajaVecina, without major problems. For any other query, you can leave us comments, so that we can resolve the concerns that arise when the time comes to carry out this step by step that we have taught.