Discover how You can watch Chilean TV From Abroad

From outside Chile, many users ask themselves, in which way they could watch Chilean TV from abroad, since some applications to watch Internet TV as El Télon Radios and TV Chile, Agamba TV & Radio or Live TV Channels from Chile do not they work from outside the country, since they only perform Streaming within the national territory.

However, there is a way to watch Chilean TV from abroad, here we will tell you how to achieve it with a very simple tutorial.

How to watch Chilean TV from abroad

This is a method that will also serve to watch the transmission of other channels in Latin America and anywhere in the world, so you can watch national or premium TV channels (paid) . But first, you must meet the following requirements:

- It is necessary to have an Internet connection.

- You must deactivate the Adblock application, since you will not be able to see the pages if this application is active.

- You must have an Android device, Windows Phone, iPhone, Windows or Mac computer.

If you meet all these requirements then there is no problem. This method is very simple and easy, to watch Chilean TV from abroad you just have to do the following:

1.- The first thing you should do is go to the following link .

2.- Then in the upper bar (which is located next to the logo of the website) you must click on the flag of the country where you want to watch television, in this case you must select Chile (CHI).

3.- Then a list of Chilean channels will appear, such as: Channel 13, Mega, TVN, CHV, Chilevisión, La Red, CDF Premium, among others.

This is all you need to watch Chilean TV from abroad . But in addition, this website also allows you to see channels from countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Uruguay and many more.

Alternative to watch Chilean TV over the Internet

But if the previous method fails, you can also download an application to watch Chilean TV on your Android . To achieve this you only have to do the following:

1.- You must download You TV Player from this link .

2.- Now you must activate Unknown sources from the menu Settings -> Security on your mobile, in order to proceed to install the application.

3.- Then you must create an account.

4.- create it, you must go to options and select Open TV .

5.- Then you must search and identify the channels of Chile and that's it.

As you can see, it is quite easy to watch Chilean TV from abroad . I hope these two methods can help you, but if you have problems or any questions you can leave us a comment and we will help you.