How to Download and Install Netflix on Smart TV

Do you want to watch movies or series ? Netflix is ​​the first thing that comes to mind and it's no wonder. The streaming service has a lot of content and accessing it is considerably easy. Not only stands out for the ease to access an incredible amount of content. But you can also see the same in HD, Full HD and 4K .

Most Smart TVs already come with Netflix installed from the factory. Although sometimes you might not come with this application or for some kind of error you had uninstalled it How to download and install Netflix on a Smart TV ? The big doubt, right? Do not worry because we are going to see next how you can do it in a simple and fast way.

Download Netflix on Smart TV

Netflix is ​​used in Smart TV with a huge facility. They have evolved in such a way that they have applications to use of all kinds, as if it were a telephone.

So in most cases just enter the application store and in the search box write the name of the application and go. Once it appears, you select the app, install it and you already have this incredible application to be able to watch series and movies among other things.

In case you have a TV that has Android, simply by entering the Play Store you can do what you mention above, it is not at all complicated.

Sometimes it can happen that even though you search the store, Netflix does not appear . This may be because the application is no longer compatible with your TV. Although do not worry that there is another method to install the streaming service.

How to install Netflix on TV

Actually, it is quite simple. All you have to do is use your TV's browser and write . Then simply log in with your account information, as you always do.

This way you can use Netflix without any kind of problems, but from the browser. No need to install any application since the streaming service works quite well from any web browser.

Evidently to be able to do this it is necessary that the TV you have can connect to the internet to navigate. In case your TV does not have the possibility to connect to the internet in any way, then the only solution you have left is to use Chromecast or a computer connected via HDMI.