How to Download Dropbox Free

Dropbox is one of the most used cloud storage platforms of the moment. The hosting service first appeared in September 2008 and since then it has been updated to become one of the most recognized Internet tools.

The program has three different types of accounts : Free, Pro and Business. If you want to download Dropbox for free you have to opt for the first, a free account that enables 2 GB of storage space that can be extended up to 16 GB by inviting new users. For every new user that we invite, Dropbox gives us 500 MB of space.

The Pro account has a capacity of 1 TB (1000 GB) and the business version goes up to 5 TB and also offers administration tools for team work and multiple devices simultaneously.

Download Dropbox free to work from the cloud

If you need to work with your computer and travel a lot, or do not want to be moving from one device to another your files, then you have to download Dropbox. The only thing that you will need once the program is installed is the Internet connection. Dropbox lets you synchronize folders through the same account, so you can take your files to a device and then these are automatically synchronized via the Internet and when you open your Dropbox account on another computer or device you have the files at your fingertips.

The operation of Dropbox is not very complex. Once we download the installer and follow the procedure on our computer, we just have to configure our account with an email and we can start uploading files to the synchronized folder. You can also share specific folders with other Dropbox users, an excellent function designed for working with other users. You can create a specific folder where upload files that have to be modified by two or more users.

The procedure to download Dropbox for free is very simple . You just have to enter the official Dropbox website: There you have to click on the download button and then select the type of account you want to register. If you want to download Dropbox for mobile, you just have to enter the corresponding app store (App Store on iOS - Google Play Store on Android) and search for the Dropbox app. Again, the download is free and you only need to register with a free account type, or update our plan to take advantage of the benefits of payment tools in the Pro or Business versions.

Cloud storage platforms have become very popular in recent years. Dropbox is one of the most famous but we must also mention Google Drive and Onedrive. The operation is more or less the same, it is about uploading files and remotely synchronize the folders to be able to use the same file from another mobile device or computer without having to physically move the file, since everything is done by synchronizing with Internet.