How to Add a Contact to a WhatsApp Group WITHOUT being an Administrator?

I still remember that time where we had many message packs for relatively little money. In the company where I was, they gave you around 6000 SMS per week for about 4 USD at the most. Things have changed now, prices also clearly. The issue is that since we met WhatsApp not only all of us stopped using SMS because it ended up leaving us cheaper, but the phone companies did everything possible to avoid us using only mobile data and no SMS and relatively little, traditional calls.

Leaving aside all that, we can not deny the clear advantages that WhatsApp has over ordinary SMS, all the possibilities that WhatsApp gives us can not be compared. One of these advantages is undoubtedly the possibility of creating groups to talk with several people at once, but can you add a person to a WhatsApp group without being an administrator?

One of the most used functions in WhatsApp is undoubtedly that of being able to create groups, in this way one can have a group for the friends of all the life, companions of the university, for the family, etc. In a few words it is a good way to stay informed and communicate with a group of people who share common interests in a very nice, fun and effective way.

The issue is that to add people to these groups you have to be an administrator in theory, because there is a method to add people to groups without the need to administer it.

WhatsApp is one of the main mobile applications in the world, the most important reference that we have access to when we think of instant messaging services, and at this point we have to highlight in the same way that there are all kinds of information to consider in this regard. The truth is that in many cases, we may be part of the famous WhatsApp groups, although we are not administrators of them, which means that we can not carry out all kinds of functions.

Typically, in groups, unless all members are friends, managers tend to be very strict and manage as if they were the real owners of the group, so sometimes it is convenient to learn to do all kinds of tasks without depending for nothing of them. The truth is that in general, we could say that the administrator has control of everything, or at least functions such as the decision of who to expel or add to the group, but of course, there is a simple trick you should know about it.

Indeed, in this article we are going to teach you concretely to add a contact to a group of WhatsApp without being an administrator in the easiest and simplest way possible, so that you can take just a second to add an acquaintance to this group to be able to face this type of situations. Although of course then the administrator can eliminate those who have added, at least you will not have to depend on them for when you want to add someone else to the different groups.

How to add a person to my group on WhatsApp

"Will there be any application to add to a WhatsApp group without being an administrator?" Is possibly the question that many of our readers have asked, and at this point we have to say, that there are indeed methods or applications that in their moment they were developed for it. Applications like WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp GB would almost completely hack the messenger, although right now we do not even have this option with them .

The truth is that right now, there is no application or trick WhatsApp to add contacts to WhatsApp unless we are the system administrators. That is, there is no way to add contacts to a group, at least not without the consent of the administrator thereof. The truth is that anyway, probably looking on the web find some applications that promise to allow you to add contacts to your WhatsApp groups, although be careful because many of them are false .

If you want to add people to the different groups of WhatsApp, the only solution we have at hand is to kindly ask the administrator to add it, or in any case ask him to make us administrators too, so that he does not have to be dependent after him. For the rest, although WhatsApp administrators are somewhat complicated, we have to say that they are a necessary evil so that everything stays fairly in order, so never hesitate to contact them .

Add contacts to a WhatsApp group without being an administrator

First of all, we must try to be aware of who we are going to add to the group in question so that no kind of problems are generated, we must be very careful in this sense because maybe it can fall badly to others and even there to fall ill to the administrator and this can eliminate them both, you have to have an eye. The methods to add people to WhatsApp are the following and you need to use WhatsApp Web to get it.

The first of them

First of all, let's go to WhatsApp Web using obviously a computer. We scan the QR code to be able to log in and right there we have to enter the group in question, in the profile of the group we will be able to see the option that clearly says " Add participant ". What we do now is add to the contact in question.

The second method

Again we will go to WhatsApp Web and scan the code to be able to log in. Once this part is ready, we will go to the group where we want to add this contact, after that we will look at the profile of the group that says " Invite the group through a link ". What we are going to do evidently is to send this link to the contact that we want to add to it.

As you can see, it is not too complicated to add people to the WhatsApp group, it is clear that you should think carefully about who to add so that afterwards you will not have any problems with anyone in the group in question and in this way you can avoid any unnecessary dramas.

In any case, if you know of any other method that may be useful to add people to a group without having to administer it, we encourage you to leave it in the comments box below.

Add a person to a WhatsApp group

  • First of all, let's go to WhatsApp Web, scan the QR code as always.
  • Now what you are going to do is enter the group in question.
  • In the profile part of the group appears add participant, there you simply have to select the contact you want to add.

If it does not work…

  • We go back to WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code as we usually do.
  • Again we enter the group in question.
  • We can see that in the part of the profile of the group in one place it says Invite to the group by means of link.
  • What you will do is send him that invitation by link to that contact in question and that's it.

As you will see it is not at all complicated to add a contact to a WhatsApp group without being an administrator. Obviously to achieve this we mean in no way that you can have the privileges that just has who manages the group, but you can only invite using these methods.

So this is how to add a contact to a WhatsApp group without being an administrator, rather simple, effective and above all things extremely fast.

As always, any doubt about how to add contact without being an administrator to a WhatsApp group can be left calmly in the comments below and as soon as we can we will try to answer them.