Few games for Android

Mobile phones with Android there are many and above all things of many ranges, that is why many people have devices that may be current, but are still low or medium range, even old devices that do not have a power too large and that when it comes to games, obviously you have to limit yourself to enjoy those that ask for few requirements regarding the hardware issue more than anything.

That's why we have taken the trouble to create a list of games for your Android device that do not require many resources to work, games that would work even in an Android microwave, so be prepared because after seeing this article you will have many titles to enjoy the beautiful.

Lightweight Android games

Angry Birds : Undoubtedly it is a highly addictive game, let's say it had its glory time which happened a lot but that does not necessarily mean it's a boring title, for those who have not yet tried this game we recommend it because it's light in spite of to have entertaining and fun graphics, we assure you that you will spend hours hooked to the screen of your mobile, you can download it from here.

Worms 2 Armageddon : A classic among classics, I still remember when I played it on my old computer with few resources, you can also enjoy this title on Android because on top of any low-end mobile can with it. The only bad thing about this is that unfortunately you have to pay cash, it costs about $ 4. Although it is economical considering the amount of hours of fun it can give you. Acquire this title in the Play Store by clicking here.

Super KO Boxing 2 : If the fighting games are your favorites obviously on the list, this great title also had to be, I say great because despite what it may seem, it actually has very decent graphics for what it asks for resources in your mobile, we are not realistic at all, but they are not bad either and the gameplay inside everything is quite entertaining. Download it from here.

As you can see these games are too entertaining and are simply great for low-income devices, you can find many more low-requirement games for Android if you search the blog, although I think that the ones I mentioned earlier are the best you'll be able to enjoy on your mobile either low or medium range.