How to Copy and Paste in Mac Text and Images?

Most users are used to that, when we have to use a computer, it runs the Windows operating system, as a direct consequence of it being the most popular option.

Now, however accustomed we are to perform some of the main tasks that can be carried out on a Windows PC, that does not in any way remove that when moving to a Mac we have problems to get used to .

It is precisely for this reason that, next, we want to show you one of the most common tutorials that readers who have just bought a Mac usually ask us, an essential one for many of the simplest tasks in these computers.

In effect, it is about showing you how you can copy and paste text and images on Mac computers step by step, thus avoiding wasting too much time until you discover it yourself.

Commands and quick shortcuts to copy and paste on a Mac

All right. we are going to analyze then some of the main commands and quick shortcuts that we have at our disposal when it comes to copying and pasting in a Mac computer, something of the basics that we have been mentioning about it:

From the keyboard

If you want to copy a content on your Mac, you have to know that there are different ways of doing it, based on the fact that with the keyboard we are also enabled to carry out this action . As you hear it, you do not need a mouse, a trackpad or any other device other than the keyboard to copy and paste content, following these steps:

  • Go to the document in question and select the content that interests you
  • Press the combination Ctrl + C to copy this content
  • Then, with Ctrl + V you can paste it in any other document
  • As you will see is the same as in Windows, and in fact with Ctrl + X you can also cut the contents

With the mouse

  • Another very simple way to copy and paste content on a Mac is from the use of the device's mouse. In this case, follow these steps:
  • Go to the Apple menu
  • There to System Preferences
  • Then to Mouse
  • If the mouse has two buttons, you must operate with the secondary button. If the mouse has a single button, you must execute the actions from the Commands of the same

What do I do if the copy and paste function on Mac does not work?

Now, it is possible that you have followed all the steps that we mentioned above and that you still encounter problems that do not allow you to copy and paste on Mac . Do not worry, since there are some solutions in this regard, namely:

With the Activity Monitor

Curiously enough, we know of many cases in which the action of copying and pasting is blocked directly, causing all kinds of inconvenience to users, because it is one of the simplest we can try to develop.

To get it working again you have to close it and open it again, following these steps:

  • From the Mac Finder go to Applications / utilities
  • In the box that appears, type pboard
  • When you have done it, select this option and click on the X that appears in the upper left part of the screen
  • A new window will appear, which will indicate if you want to stop the process
  • Hit Force start and you're done
  • Try again to copy and paste, and now you should be able to do it

Through the Terminal

The second way to do it can also be very useful, so if the previous one has not worked for you, try these steps :

  • Open the Spotlight application folder
  • When you have done it, enter Terminal
  • In this section you have to write Killall pboard
  • This will end the active processes in a different way to the previous tutorial, of course

In this simple way you can get out of this problem and copy and paste on Mac