How to know if my Samsung Galaxy S6 is Original or False

The truth is that for a long time there are people, ghost companies that are dedicated to making copies of the best selling phones and then resell them much cheaper as if they were a real Samsung. This is not something that is good, but it is very difficult to find those responsible for this, but do not worry because in this article I will tell you how to differentiate a Galaxy S6 from a S6 clone .

It always happens that when a mobile phone starts to be one of the best sellers, clones appear, where people take advantage of those who do not have enough knowledge or who buy anywhere for the price. So if you get to find someone who sells a new Galaxy S6 at a fairly low price think twice but what you can do is know what to look for to know that it is false. That's what I'll show you today, you do not have to let them cheat you.

How to know if a Samsung Galaxy S6 is original or a clone

I will tell you all the obvious differences between an original S6 and a cloned S6, but only in what is design, hardware and software since it is not possible to remove the back cover to review it more deeply, it would also be suspicious. Just imagine that you can already find differences in the box but not many, but usually the boxes of the fake have no barcode, the color of the phone, the number of IMEI among other data.

When you can already have the phone in your hand you have to check the back, the original comes with a resistant glass of very good quality and the clone is made of plastic. So if you hit just a little bit, you will find out what material it is since the picture always sounds the same.

Screen: The original S6 have a 5.1-inch 2K screen so you can not see the pixels no matter how close you get, while the S6 clone if you have the pixel screen you can be sure it's false. Other details that the fake will always have on the screen black borders as a margin.

Camera: The original has a 16 megapixel camera, one of the best so it will be very easy to know if the camera is false or not. When you take a picture with a cloned S6 it will be of low quality and if you zoom it will quickly distort something that should not happen.

Operating system: You can also know when an S6 is false by looking at the version of the operating system, the version it has is Android 5.0 Lollipop although you may also have the updated 5.1.1. When it is fake directly, it has version 4.0 KitKat or Jelly Bean.

These are some of the differences that will help you to know if that Galaxy S6 that you want to sell at a low price is fake or original. Later make another article where you can find more differences.