Disable WhatsApp Notifications

Of the instant messaging applications we use today, the crown is WhatsApp with an incredible advantage over all the alternatives that exist, which are many, ironically Messenger is the closest and I say ironically because they belong to the same people to say in some way.

WhatsApp was growing more and more, adding functions, fixing bugs, improving in terms of security, something that is necessary and that I leave aside many users with different operating systems that must change mobile to continue using the app.

But in this article I want to talk about an interesting option for those who do not want to see notifications of a specific group or chat, because maybe they bother you, because maybe someone should not see them bitten or for whatever reason.

Remove WhatsApp notifications

We have several options to eliminate WhatsApp notifications .

The first one is silencing the chat in question, this is for one conversation at a time, you can do it with all of them, but in that case you should use the method that I leave you later. Now if you go to a WhatsApp conversation, open the drop-down menu on the right and select mute chat, you can choose not to have notifications .

The second of the options is to go directly to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp and directly disable notifications from there so that nothing at all comes from the app, notifications of updates, or messages nothing at all.

The third option would be to go to the main menu and then in Settings you should go to the notifications section specifically. Here you are looking for the WhatsApp app and as you can see they all have a switch that is generally lit in green, you must run it to deactivate it .

How to disable WhatsApp notifications

Ready, it's that simple you can turn off notifications, as you'll see you have several methods to do it depending on what you need. If you want to silence a single contact or do not want to know anything about anything with any, in certain situations it becomes essential not to have notifications of any kind to avoid getting into trouble. Do you follow me?

Then you can re-activate the notifications without any kind of problem doing exactly the same in any of the three methods to be able to have everything as always and get the messages, etc. So do not be a problem that you can be activating and deactivating WhatsApp notifications whenever you want.