Turn off and on the WiFi for hours on a Samsung mobile, WITHOUT applications [Tip]

Turning off your Wi-Fi when it's not in use and turning it on only when you need it can help you save a good amount of battery time every day (maybe an hour or two more of battery time). Having controlled the activation or deactivation of Wifi for hours could be very useful and, in a Samsung mobile, this can be done without having to install an extra application.

Samsung phones have an "advanced" option that allows you to turn off or turn on the Wifi according to the time of day. The following indications have been made in a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini with Android 4.1.2 . It is possible that they vary in other models and versions of Android. Other brands of phones may have a similar option: it will all be about exploring a bit the Wi-Fi settings they offer.

To activate the Wifi option according to schedule, just go to Android Settings and click on the Wifi option. On the next screen press on the menu button of the phone. In the options that appear click on Advanced.

At the bottom of the next screen there is an option that says Wifi Timer ( automatically connect / disconnect from the Wifi network ). First you have to make sure to activate this option by pressing on the switch (it should turn green). Then click on the option itself to enter to configure the schedule.

Attention here that, the following screen will allow you to configure the schedule in which the Wifi will turn on (start time and end time). In other words, the Wi-Fi will light up as soon as the phone has the set start time and it will stay on until the phone indicates the indicated end time.

If you notice, the start and end time have a box to activate or deactivate each of these hours. You can activate both boxes to establish a time lapse in which the wifi will remain on. Outside those hours the Wifi will turn off. Now, if you only activate the start time box, the wifi will turn on or activate at that time always. If you activate only the end time box, the wifi will turn off whenever that time arrives, regardless of the status you had before. If both boxes are disabled there is no sense in using this functionality.

Once Wifi is activated automatically, a notification appears in the status bar. In the same way when the Wifi hardware is turned off using this functionality.

Wifi Timer Notification

It is a basic control of the lighting of the Wifi but, can be very useful, for example for when you go to sleep, when you have a fixed schedule daily and you know that in certain hours you do not have a wireless network available, among other situations. I previously mentioned the Wifi Auto Shutdown app that has other conditions to turn off or turn on the Wi-Fi hardware of your device, in case you want something more advanced. In my case I use Tasker, an app that allows me to turn off or turn on the Wifi depending on the status of the screen (off or on).