How to download and install the Google Play Store on a Chinese cell phone

In some Chinese cell phones, such as some models of the Xiaomi brand, the Play Store application that allows you to download APPS and games is not installed at the factory. Fortunately, it can be installed manually in a couple of steps.

It is not simply about installing the APK of the Play Store: there are components of this store that are necessary to install previously for it to work, something that is explained in the following three methods.

Install official components of the Google Play Store separately

The following three applications must be installed to operate the Google Play Store on the Chinese cell phone:

Google Services Framework APK: Link

Google Play Services APK: Link

Google Play Store APK: Link

Review the article to find out which version of Google Play Services to install, depending on the device's specifications. This is not necessary for Google Services Framework and Google Play Store, they are universal applications that work on any device.

The advantage of this method is that it is done using official Google applications (in the form of APK files), and not using third-party tools, as in the following cases.

Google Installer

This is an application created by the apparently unknown developer Eric Xiang, through which you can install the necessary components for the Play Store to work, that is, Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, Google Play Store and, unlike the previous method, also Google Account Manager (although I really do not know the need to install this latest application).

The installable APK of Google Installer can be downloaded from the forum of, where it also explains step by step what to do: basically, everything consists of installing the Google Installer APK, opening this application and in the list of Google applications, touch on "Google Play". When trying to install this application it will be indicated that it is necessary to install the aforementioned components, which can be done from the same application.

Notes : to download the Google Installer APK it is necessary to create an account in the portal. In case of problems with the Play Store, it is recommended to uninstall it and replace it with the latest version.

Download Google Installer APK and more information :

Install GAPPS using a custom recovery

This is a more complex method that requires having previously installed a custom recovery such as TWRP on the device. The procedure consists of downloading a set of Google applications packaged by third parties, called GAPPS, which can be installed on the device from the recovery mode mentioned above, a process that is partially explained on this MIUI forum page (where the method is also attached) of installation by Google Installer mentioned before).

This process is relatively complicated and risky, so it is only recommended for experienced users.

Whatever the method used, after doing it, it is recommended to restart the device.

Google Play services spend RAM and battery

The Google Play Services application commonly has a high consumption of RAM and generates significant battery consumption. Unfortunately, it is a requirement to install this app to use the Play Store. Although thanks to Play Services the Android device can also have other interesting features, such as Android Device Manager or Smart Lock, you must have the account the extra consumption of resources it generates.