Andy, Android emulator in Windows (Tutorial, Requirements + WARNING!)

Complete tutorial of the emulator Andy, so you can run your APK or emulate Android in Windows and MAC. Andy's requirements, as well as a very important warning: we no longer recommend it because it mines bitcoins using your PC!

When it appeared back in 2014, Andy was probably the best Android emulator for Windows. Even over popular alternatives like Bluestacks or Youwave.

With Andy you can emulate your APK in Windows

As seen on their website, from where you can download it for free, they make a comparison between Andy, Bluestacks and YouWave. The first exceeds in a remarkable way the remaining two offering a lot of really interesting and useful functions.

The fact that it works on Windows XP, 7 and 8, as well as on Mac OSX is really attractive. It has full support for the Google Play Store (download and installation of applications), Android in full screen, synchronization of applications, use of cell phone as command, integration with camera, microphone, and much more.

Andy vs. Bluestacks vs. YouWave

The highlight of Andy is that, despite appearing far superior to the competition, it is completely free, although they have already found a way to monetize it (which you will not like at all).

Emulate Android on Windows with Andy

Fortunately it is very easy to install Andy and in just a few steps you will have Android on the computer. All you have to do is download this emulator. You run the installer and follow the installation steps typical of any Windows program. Now, you should keep in mind what I indicate below during that installation process (for basic users):

  • Andy's program is nothing more than a virtual machine running Android (an Android custom ROM to be more exact). You do not need to configure this virtual machine. You just have to follow the steps of the installation indicated by the software and Andy will do it all for you. When finished you should only run the program, like any other Windows, to open Android on your PC.
  • If you already have Virtual Box installed on your PC (whatever version), uninstall this program before you start.
  • Once inside the installation process, in the Select Components screen choose Full Installation and make sure that all the boxes are activated (Andy Player, Android image and Virtual Box 4.3.10). Compact Installation and Custom installation are only options for advanced users.

  • During the process there are several screens that ask you if you want to install Oracle device software. You must click on "Install" in all of them. All this software is necessary for Andy to work in Windows correctly.

  • The Windows Firewall can block Andy. If when opening the program the first time you are shown a Windows Firewall screen, you must allow Andy access using the respective button for it. If you do not do this, when you open the program you will only see a black screen and then it will close itself.

Update : If you have security concerns in this regard, try canceling Andy's access to the Firewall. If it does not work like this, it reinstalls, it allows access and after it has worked, it opens the Windows Firewall and blocks access. By doing it this way, I continued to function without problems.

  • Make sure that the installation of the program ends correctly. It happened to me that the PC restarted for no apparent reason just before ending. When I opened the program after this, I only had a black screen and it did not happen there. I had to install again and this time the installation finished correctly and Andy started without problems.

How to set up and use Android on Andy

Once all of that has been completed, you can start setting up Android in Andy. You will have the typical Android configuration wizard, which is what we have when we are configuring a new device. This is easy; you just have to follow the respective configuration steps.

In the part of indicating a Google account you may have problems on how to put the @ arroba in the email address. It worked for me using Shift + 2 (which is the key where I have the @ symbol). The combination Alt Gr + 2, the ASCII code Alt + 64, or the combination Ctrl + Alt + Q did not work for me.

Almost at the end you will have a screen of the application 1ClickSync indicating that you enter your credentials of Google to synchronize the applications that you install in Andy in your devices (that use the same Google account). I want to have very apart what is Andy and what I have on my devices so I did not enter any account and I clicked on the start button of the tablet to exit this screen.

That is all practically. From now on you can start using your new Android tablet on your PC. As indicated at the beginning, Andy not only serves to emulate Android on the computer but also to use it in games, and many other things.

As you can see, the Android interface in Andy is that of a tablet: the applications you install will detect this interface and will work based on this. Yes, Andy already comes with the Play Store installed so you can start downloading any application or game available in that store and start using it within the screen of your PC. Candy Crush for example, works perfectly. This means that you can now use WhatsApp on your PC and any other application available for Android.

Emulator requirements Andy

Due to the multiple problems that readers cite, I think it is prudent to list the requirements that the PC must have in order to install and use Andy without problems, taken from the FAQ available at //

Minimum PC Requirements:

  • AMD or Intel dual Core CPU that supports `Virtualization '
  • Windows 7 / 8.x x86 or x64
  • 3GB RAM
  • Up to 20GB Fee Disk Space
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 capable video card

** NOTE Make sure 'Virtualization' is enabled in BIOS.

It is vital to take into account the last line that indicates that it is necessary for the CPU to support virtualization and that this feature is also activated in the BIOS. In addition, it will be very useful for those who have problems, consult any questions on the help page on Facebook: //

(Thanks for this input Kevin!)

Andy mine Bitcoins on your PC

This is the disastrous part of the emulator Andy and his reputation. The issue became popular on Reddit recently.

A user of this website was the one who discovered that the processor of his PC used more than half of resources after having installed Andyroid. The inquiry led him to find the file AndyCloudCPU64.exe, which was the one that was undermining cryptocurrencies on his computer. VirusTotal's analysis clearly demonstrated this, although the user states that this file kills the Monero cryptocurrency.

There is no way that this person could be wrong, since the digital signature of the file AndyCloudCPU64.exe is from the company Andy OS Inc. So it was put by the same creators of this software.

This novelty was found in Andy with Android Marshmallow, but also in version 47 of the software. In any case, the most advisable thing is to immediately uninstall this program and verify that the use of the CPU after it, because apparently the uninstallation does not guarantee the elimination of the mining. If you can not see the Andy OS program in the list of Windows programs, go to Andy's installation folder and run the "uninstall" file or the one that references it.

Alternative to Andy

The best thing you can do is install a reliable Android emulator for PC like It is available for free and in the latest version of Android, which is Oreo. You will need to download the system in ISO format and install it (emulate it) through Virtual Box. It's basically the same as how Andy works, only that in this case it's a safe alternative and the installation work is a bit more technical.