Google Play Store APK: Download latest version or update

In the link below you can download the free installable APK of the Google Play Store application for Android. It is the latest version of Google Play Store available so far (this page is updated all the time!).

The APK offered here is 100% safe because it comes directly from Google. It is intact and has not been modified in any way. In case of doubts or suspicions about your safety, it is recommended to use the powerful virus scanner (owned by Google).

Google Play Store APK 14

This is the latest version available right now.

Page to download Google Play Store 14.0.28: MediaFire Server


  • Any

Minimum Android version required:

Android 4.

Screenshots (illustrative only):


You just have to download this APK and then click on it to install it. If you get the Notice of Blocked Installation only activate the option "Installation of unknown sources" on your device. This option should be offered automatically during installation, or you can do it on your own in Settings> Security (or in the developer menu).

Remember that the Play Store application that you have installed on your phone (if it is your case) is the same as the application offered here in the form of an APK, only that the latter is the newest version. When you install it, you will replace your old Play Store with this new one.

The other way to get the latest version of the Google Play Store is to wait for it to arrive on your phone in the form of an update. Normally this takes several days or weeks since Google starts this process. You can wait quietly for it. If you are in a hurry or for some reason you need the APK of this application to install on your Android mobile or cell phone, you can visit this page (updated all the time) where you will find the latest version of the Google Play Store when available in the form of installable APK .