Unlock pattern of the Alcatel One Touch Pop C3

Although it is true that for some time Alcatel ceased to be among the preferred companies of users who were looking for new phones, we can not help but consider that little by little with some new devices they want to gain the trust of the world again, as in the case of the Alcatel One Touch Pop C3. We have to talk then about one of the tricks that most have been asking us about the Alcatel One Touch Pop C3, which will allow you to release this device .

The first thing you need to know about this trick to unlock Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 pattern, is that it does not matter what company you have associated with right now, since you can free yourself from the main worldwide, as in Claro's cases , Movistar, Tigo, Digicel, RED, Telcel, AT & T, Unefon, Virgin Mobile, Tuenti MX, True, Personal, Nextel, Entel, Our, TIM, Mobile Oi, WOM . If you have any of these companies, or why not others, you can take advantage of this step by step.

Step by step to unlock Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 pattern

Before starting the procedure to unlock Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 pattern, the first thing we have to recommend as always in these cases, is that you bet to make a backup of all the data in case something went wrong during the step to He passed. In addition to that, remember that you must have a custom Recovery installed as CWM (Clockworkmod Recovery), although we will show you everything from the next step, so read on.

Once you have your Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 rooted, because otherwise it will not work step by step, you have to download the CWM Recovery .zip file directly to your device, or to your computer, and then pass it directly to memory internal of the terminal. Remember that if you can not access it, you should use a file browser such as Es File Explorer and unzip the file, which should be in the Downloads folder anyway. To have Es File Explorer you must go to this link.

When you have finished with this step by step, the next thing will be to get the CWM.img, for which you must download and install Flashify through this link, something that is not too difficult, as you will see. Then you must open Flashify and click on the "Recovery Image" option and then select "Choose a File". Once there, you have to select the File Explorer option (that appears with the Flashify logo) and look for the CWM.img file that you extracted with Es File Explorer, selecting the option Yup! to confirm the file loaded .

At this point, you have to wait a moment, until Flashify starts flashing CWM Recovery on Alcatel Pop C3, and once the procedure is finished, the message "Flash Complete" should appear, where you will have to click on the Flash More option and you can now use the custom recovery. If you want to check that you have done everything right for the moment, then you will have to press the power + volume up button at the same time, and that will give you the pattern of installing CWM Recovery correctly .

Once all the previous steps have been done, you must place the file that we leave next in the SD card of your Alcatel One Touch Pop C3, having to download it in just a few seconds, to be able to continue with what follows. OVer true in this sense is that once you have downloaded the Anti SIM Slock from this link, you will have to enter CWM Recovery mode, pressing the volume up + power buttons at the same time, and then, with the volume key - you can slide through the CWM menu and select the "advanced" option with the power button . There you have to select the option Wipe Dalvik Cache> Yes - Wipe Dalvik Cache.

Finished all the previous points, it is time to press Go Back to get to the main menu of CWM. Then you have to give Wipe data / Factory Reset> Yes Delete all user data. When you're done, it's time to hit Wipe Cache Partition> Yes Wipe Cache. The next step has to do with pressing Install zip from sdcard and then the option Anti_Sim_Slock.zip> Yes Install Anti_Sim_Slock.zip. You will go back to the main menu and then to Reboot System Now to restart it .

You wait until step-by-step instructions are finished on your Alcatel One Touch Pop C3, and when the device has restarted, which may take around a few minutes, you should check that it has been fully released, something that you will see is not too much complicated in any case .