Trick to improve the Alcatel Pop C7 camera

Alcatel is a company that launched a lot of mobile devices that were not of poor quality. We go that perhaps it was not of the most popular practically never in its history, but the mobiles inside everything were defended quite well. In this case we have to talk about the Alcatel One Touch Pop C7, a phone that has some very good features with a 5 MP camera, although it seems poor and the truth is that it leaves to be desired, we must take into account that the device It is not exactly a high-end phone or a price too high to say.

That is why many users ask themselves how to improve the Alcatel Pop C7 camera? We will then show you how you can just improve the quality of the pictures taken by this camera.

Alcatel Pop C7 camera

We are going to use Xposed Module, but the issue is that for this it is necessary to have rooted the mobile phone. If you do not know how to root it, we have surely written a tutorial on how to do it on the blog.

Once rooteado mobile we will effectively download Xposed Installer from this link that we leave here.

As it is an APK file you have to have the unknown sources enabled, to do so you will have to go to the Settings> Security section, once there, enable those unknown sources and then start the installation of the APK.

When finished installing, you must open Xposed and give it root rights.

Now you are going to go to the Exposed models section and go where App Setting says, after doing this you have to restart the mobile device.

After restarting we start with App Setting Xposed and what we will do is wait for the applications to load completely, once loaded we will write Camera. Once loaded you have to leave almost everything like this only the screen where it says (DP) you put 1000 × 1600 and at the beginning next to Font scale you put 150. To finish, press save.

Improve the camera of the Alcatel Pop C7

It is not too complicated if you follow the tutorial to the letter, in addition to that in a matter of minutes you will be able to really get all the juice out of your Alcatel's camera without any kind of problems, enjoy taking all the photos you want with better quality.