How to activate the 4G of the Samsung Galaxy J?

In recent weeks we have been talking a lot about the main mobile devices of Samsung people, emphasizing the fact that these terminals should not only be highlighted by the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, but also by the Samsung Galaxy J. this case, there are so many Samsung Galaxy J1, Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7 that have been marketed in recent times, we want to analyze one of the most sought after tutorials about them .

The truth is that one of the keys of the Samsung Galaxy J is that it is all terminals perfectly compatible with today's 4G LTE networks, that is, we can connect to the best mobile Internet speed if we have one of these devices, without difficulties. So, if you are tired of how slow your 3G works and you have a compatible data rate, then we will show you all the details related to the Samsung Galaxy J and the possibility of activating the 4G of this device .

Activating the 4G of a Samsung Galaxy J

Well, we have then our Samsung Galaxy J which can be a Samsung Galaxy J1, Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy J5 or Samsung Galaxy J7, because the tutorial is perfectly usable in any of them without too many differences, so let's analyze the issues to follow. In the first place, with our Samsung Galaxy J in hands, we will enter the device settings, and we will enter the option of mobile networks, then RED mode, selecting the option that says LTE / WCDMA / GSM for a automatic connection

When you have made this first step, the next one has to do with a configuration in NETWORK Mode that will allow us to take advantage of our Samsung Galaxy J to navigate, keeping the system of the Samsung Galaxy J active with the best speed of Internet that is the one that today provides the 4G. In addition to that, you should always consider that the connectivity system of the Samsung Galaxy J will keep us connected to the best possible network of all those within our reach, without having to look specifically for it. For that reason, if somewhere our Samsung Galaxy J can not connect to a 4G network, we can connect without any problem to a 3G type network to keep always connected.

Of course, we have to re-emphasize a no lesser issue, related to the fact that in order to use the Samsung Galaxy J in your 4G configuration, you need to have an Internet plan that is completely compatible, otherwise it will be impossible to navigate to the speed you're looking for If you do not have a 4G plan for your Samsung Galaxy J, what we recommend is that you contact your operator directly, and ask them to change your plan, although of course it will be more expensive at the end of each month.