Buy on AliExpress Is it safe? Is trustworthy? We answer all your questions

Buying on the Internet is becoming increasingly fashionable to tell you in some way and is that after all, on many occasions we find considerably cheaper prices than we could find in a physical store in our city. Not to mention above the Chinese stores like AliExpress that handle prices that seem in a few words a joke, but beware, they are totally true and that, in addition, they deliver high quality products

Discover how to get coupons for AliExpress with Google Chrome

AliExpress is a well-known platform for shopping on the Internet at a much cheaper price, and it is on this website where we find everything we can imagine how to wear clothes and even cars. Being a platform for online shopping we can always find offers and discount coupons, so in this topic we will tell you how to get coupons for AliExpress

Problems with Customs in Chile and AliExpress

Currently, every day is more in line to make purchases abroad, as is buying in China , one of the largest online stores is AliExpress , in which we can find all kinds of products that we can imagine, but we have a question. Why is it so fashionable to buy in China? AliExpress customs Chile Why is it so fashionable to buy in China

Tips to buy on AliExpress

Online shopping is currently very popular and more and more people are encouraged to buy products outside of physical stores. The e-commerce has evolved a lot in recent years and the regulation is getting better and more complete in order to protect the consumer. If we buy online in a store in our country surely we will not have many problems if the item does not arrive or we have to make a refund, however if we buy online outside our borders if a problem arises it can become more difficult to solve

Disadvantages of Paying with PayPal on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is one of the main platforms from which we can acquire a huge amount of products from all over the world, often with lower costs than we could find in physical stores near our home and others. Now, of course, even when these costs are lower than usual, we must not lose sight of the fact that we have to pay at some point for the items we buy, and that is when it is convenient to stop at what are the possibilities that we have to the view, with PayPal being one that most users decide to use

Aliexpress mobile phones Are they originals or replicas?

One of the most famous stores in the world on the Internet is undoubtedly Aliexpress , where you can find a huge amount of very varied products, basically a bit of everything. More than anything very useful gadgets and above all things at prices that often seem a joke for the economic they are, is a serious company that has been on the market for many years and has a commitment to the customer unblemished

Alternatives to Aliexpress, web pages similar to this

Currently the internet is almost everywhere and online stores are living their best moment. The truth is that having to be traveling from store to store and limited only to the products that we find in our city, is a thing of the past, internet widens our borders and gives us the possibility of acquiring any kind of product, at the best price possible and without having to move from home

Wish vs Aliexpress What is the best?

Currently buying a product on the Internet is quite common and many people use the network to find different websites such as Wish or Aliexpress where they get products at a very affordable price, very cheap or special offers that bring interesting things to a fair price. Something that generates a lot of comfort if we are to the case because when we go business by business, not only you end up taking much more time, but on top of that you have to buy and in most cases the Chinese stores end up having too good prices with high quality products

Is it safe to buy on Aliexpress?

Times change and currently making purchases through the internet became extremely normal, there are many people who decide to make purchases of different products through the Internet. Even to give you an idea you can order different products from the supermarket using the internet and these are taken to your home so you do not have to leave it at any time

How to Track an Aliexpress Standard Shipping Shipping

Aliexpress is one of the main platforms for sending product buyers on the Internet , and among the different shipping methods that can be found on the platform, one of the most important is the so-called Aliexpress Standard Shipping. There are many people who decide for it considering that it is a type of fast shipping, plus free in a huge number of occasions

How to track an Aliexpress purchase in any country?

Aliexpress is one of the most important Chinese stores in the world when we think of acquiring products of all kinds at low prices, considering that we are talking about a platform in which they offer their sellers, especially Asian, who compete to provide us with the best costs. Of course, the only difficulty that this service has has to do with shipments , since in most cases we are talking about products that will reach our home from the other side of the world