Amazon presents its new drones to deliver products you buy online

Amazon continues to evolve constantly to try to reinvent itself and achieve things that other online stores can obviously see from afar. Can you imagine a drone taking the things you just bought to your home in a matter of half an hour? In fact it is something really incredible. The unmanned drones of Amazon has been around for a long time , but you can see that he is constantly working on that since he has shown one that is capable of traveling up to 24 kilometers and can carry items of up to two kilos

How to Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime step by step

There are many people who after a while using the service decide to say goodbye to it and start looking for how to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime . The Premium service of Amazon offers a great amount of advantages and content to enjoy. Although without doubt with the amount of alternatives that currently exist in the market, one never ends up "marrying" with any of these services, which is the most advisable

How to Return a Product in Amazon Very Easy!

Amazon is an online store that always has something to offer you. Enter Amazon thinking that you will not buy anything in many cases is a serious mistake because the products that can be found in the store are as varied and generally at a very good price. However, it can happen that you buy some product by mistake in the store and you want to return it

Amazon's claims and its guarantee, learn everything about them

You have to learn to separate first of all and that is that the products that are sold by Amazon itself, evidently have the official guarantee of the manufacturer in question, so this way you can resort to it without any kind of problem, you can even that in some cases there were technical services from third parties that are authorized by the manufacturer in question, forming part of the guarantee

How Amazon Prime Works and what benefits it offers

More and more users are subscribing to Amazon Prime , and that is leading to an increase in queries related to this service, which is why we want to show you how it works and what its main advantages are with respect to others. What is Amazon Prime? In the first instance we can say that Amazon Prime is in some way the natural evolution of the Amazon Premium service, a service that allowed us to have a special attention in the online store of purchases over the Internet, to obtain low cost or directly free shipping

How to Buy on eBay and Amazon in Quotas From Chile

eBay and Amazon are two of the main shopping platforms for all types of products that are accessed not only in Spain but also in a large part of the countries of Latin America, and as a consequence, we want to teach you today. especially to the readers of Chile, but from other places too, how to buy in installments from them

How to Buy Amazon Gift Check to Give to Another Person

Without any doubt, Amazon is one of the main commercial platforms around the world , a service where we can find a huge amount of interesting products to buy, or to give as gifts. And we say that because just the reason for this article has to do with teaching all our readers how to give an Amazon gift voucher to another person , a question they have been asking us a lot