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How to update apps on Android only with WiFi

If you usually read our articles, you will know that many times we find ourselves with queries related to the maximum possible use of the Android operating system. We have to point out, in the same way, that all the time new questions come from users. In this case especially we find that there are several people who want to know in a particular way, how to update applications on Android only with WiFi

How to Change Icons for Android Apps

Android mobile devices have a great advantage over other operating systems and it is quite evident: we can completely customize all of them. There are even a host of applications that are designed exclusively for the complete customization of an Android device. From the launcher, to a background, through the font, icons, etc

How to Block the Internet Access of an Android Application?

We love the tricks, and that's why in recent times we have taught you a huge number of them, such as those that are directly related to the most used mobile operating system in the world, Android. In this case, considering that many of our readers seem to like the recommendations or tips to get more out of each of the applications that can be accessed in this environment, let's stop at a step-by-step tutorial that can help you become very useful in specific situations, so that you do not miss it if you see that it is useful for you, which directly points to blocking access to Android of

How to uninstall applications in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the new version of Android, which already have the terminals Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P between mobile phones and also some tablets from the same family, and that comes to give a twist compared to what was seen before in Android 5.0 Lollipop and its updates. In any case, it is expected that the world's leading smartphones update Android 6

How to create an application on Android without knowing how to program

Have you set out to create an Android application because you have a good idea? Do you think it will be too difficult for you because you do not have knowledge in programming? Then you have to know that luckily there are applications specially designed for these cases, which will allow you to generate your own content quickly and easily, so that any other user can use them

How to freeze applications in Android in a simple way

Have you ever wondered how to freeze applications on Android? You have to know then that in the next article we will teach you not only about the freezing process of Android applications, but also several tricks about it that we think you should take into account to maximize the power of your phone. The first thing you have to take into account in this type of situation, is that the vast majority of Android users admit having installed applications that they never use later , causing unnecessary wear on their devices

Create applications for Android without knowing programming

In the Google Play Store there are thousands of applications, but surely on more than one occasion it has happened to you that you have not found exactly what you were looking for or you have even come up with the idea to create an application but you have not been able to put it into practice for not having enough knowledge

How to uninstall multiple apps to free up memory on Android

Do you have little free storage space on your smartphone? You are in luck then, because in the following lines we are going to show you how to uninstall multiple apps to free up memory in Android. The first thing you have to know is that we have already shown step by step to eliminate applications in Android, but today we want to teach you how to do it multiple ways, with several at the same time

How to Install Applications Directly on the SD Card in Android

Mobile devices generally low or medium range have little free internal storage space to install applications. On many occasions you have to deal with this program when you want to install new apps. Do you want to know how to install applications directly on the SD card ? It is not at all complicated and the best of all is that it is automatic, that is, you do not have to be passing the applications to the SD or anything similar, everything is done "alone"

How to hide application icons on Android

If you are a user of an Android mobile device, and you usually read our articles, you have probably already noticed that, unless you deactivate a certain configuration, most Android mobile devices come with the option to generate a new icon for each application that we download in them . Now, it is possible that we want some of those icons are not in view of everyone, and although it is true that we can remove them from the Home, the same does not happen with the application drawer

How to install unsupported apps on Android

Have you ever wondered how to install unsupported apps on an Android mobile device? You have to know then that this is one of the main questions we received lately. In fact, there are many who want to know how to install those applications that are shown as not compatible, in smartphones with the Google OS

What happens if I DO NOT Update the Applications on Android?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you do not update Android applications? You have to know then that normally it is always said that it is important to update the mobile software, both the operating system and the Android applications. The truth is that today we want to talk about applications with much more details about it

How to remove the permissions of the Android applications?

Have you ever wondered how to remove the permissions of Android applications? You have to know then that we are going to teach you then one of the most interesting tutorials that you will get to know. The first thing you should consider in this regard, is that the permissions are essential to control what is the access we want to allow the applications that we have installed

How to hide apps on Android

In many homes, especially those where young children live, we can find that we as adults, or someone else in the family, usually share their smartphones with the youngest of the family so they can entertain themselves, watch their favorite videos and the rest. The problem is that on many occasions we can expose ourselves then to these children visualize inappropriate content , content of sex, violence and others that should not see, and that can cause different types of damage

Solution: I can not uninstall applications on Android

Did you get the message "Can not uninstall applications on Android"? You have to know then that in this article we are going to show you some details that we think you should take into account to solve this problem. The first thing you should think about in this type of situation is that it is a much more common inconvenience than many users believe

How to solve the problem of not being able to uninstall applications on Android in a very easy way

Surely as soon as you acquired a mobile device with Android you began to investigate in every corner of it. And when you do you find yourself with infinities of applications that are already installed, try each one of them and in the end, you leave them aside to start looking in the Play Store for those that really interest you and you will use them every day

Install Adobe Flash on Android

Adobe Flash has marked a milestone in the history of the Internet , but it seems that its end is closer than ever. However, there is still a lot of online content that uses Adobe technology, so in more than one occasion it may be useful to have it. Adobe has had its disagreements with Google, in fact we all know that your Google Chrome browser does not support Flash for quite some time

How to Install the Aptoid Store on Android?

More than once in the past we talked about how important is the Google Play Store for all mobile devices that run the Android operating system , and therefore, for most of the commercialized in the world. We must remember, at this point, that Android is present in approximately 8 out of 10 smartphones around the world, and therefore its ultimate relevance

How to Cancel HBO GO From Android and iOS in Few Steps

For whatever reason, maybe you do not want to have more HBO GO. Therefore, you will have to cancel your subscription. Do not know how to do it? Do not make a problem because then we will show you step by step how to cancel HBO GO from Android and iOS so that you can in a matter of few steps cancel your subscription wherever you are

How to Install Flash Player for Android

Adobe Flash Player is an application that is necessary in certain devices for some things, without importing or entering into specific details, possibly what you are wondering now is How to install Flash Player for Android? Keep in mind that there are no versions of Flash Player for new versions of Android, from 4

How to Move Applications to the SD Card in Android

Especially in mobile devices of low or medium range, the problems related to storage is something of every day, that is why many look for solutions and wonder how to move applications to the SD card since many of these consume a large amount of space on the mobile. It is not at all complicated to know how to move applications to the SD card in Android

How to Install and Configure Kodi on Android Properly

If we think of the main multimedia content platforms around the world, you probably know that Kodi is one of the largest number of users, and it is not a casual matter, but the fact that it has a huge number of functions, thanks to which it becomes useful for almost any type of consumer of these contents

How to Optimize Android and iOS with Clean Master

Mobile devices are now like small computers. They have processor, storage space, RAM, etc. In a nutshell they are mini pocket computers and as such they need maintenance. Surely you noticed that with the passage of time they become a little slower. Depending on the range of your mobile you may notice it more or less

TNT GO and TNT GO HD How to use them on Android? We Guide You Step by Step

We all know at this point the TNT channel where series and varied films have been going for many years now. This chain decided to join the world of Internet and mobile applications with TNT GO and TNT GO HD , although downloading this app is free, the use of it is not, since it is necessary to have the username and password of the TV provider

5 applications to congratulate birthday on Android for free

In recent weeks, we have been receiving several queries from many of our readers about the possibility of offering some applications to congratulate the birthday on Android for free, and the truth is that we have finally decided to give them this kind of information. For this, we have made a survey of what we consider the best 5 applications to congratulate the birthday on Android , so if you want to entertain an acquaintance, we recommend that you continue reading about it

TutuApp for Android, everything you need to know

If you usually read all our articles, you will have seen that we have talked about what we consider to be the best alternatives to the Google Play Store, which is the app store that by default comes on Android. Now, you have to know that in any case, you can also find some that we have not addressed in detail so far

5 applications for selfie stick that you can not miss on Android

For quite some time we were wanting to make this article, and finally after the strong insistence of our users we have decided, beyond that it may not be the most useful of all. In effect, it is about analyzing what for us are the applications for selfie stick that you can not miss in Android. The truth is that many people have been asking us about the best applications for Android selfie stick, and we believe that several interesting ones can be found in the Google Play Store

Animated Wallpapers for Android

In a short time Google has managed to become the king of operating systems through Android and one of the reasons why more and more users are moving to Google's operating system is the extensive customization possibilities offered. We all like to have a nice screen background, so we are going to review some of the most interesting animated wallpapers for Android that you can also download for free from the Google Play Store

5 Apps to Save Data on Android

Android terminals, like those run by other famous operating systems, rely on the data to work, at least when we do not have access to WiFi Internet networks, and of course, those data plans cost us money at the end of each month. Therefore, this time we want to teach you how to save data on Android, but not with silly advice such as stop using the mobile, that anyone can do, but rather teaching you some useful applications in these cases, with which we are convinced that you will end up saving a good amount of money at the end of the year

5 applications of HD wallpapers for Android

Are you looking for HD wallpapers applications for Android? You have to know then that you have arrived at the correct article, bearing in mind that next we are going to show you all the details that you have to take into account. Indeed, there are many good applications of HD wallpapers for mobile phones, and best of all, we are going to show you 5 of them completely free

Applications to lose weight in Android

Have you ever seen how well celebrities come out in photographs? The truth is that although many of them probably spend hours training and looking to be in shape, in many cases they also use an application to lose weight and get better results. The first thing you have to point out in this regard is that although inside the Google Play Store you will find more than one body slimming app in Android, only some of them do their job well

5 joke apps for Android

Today, both we and many of our friends, we stay tuned to the mobile good part of the day, waiting for a notification, a message or a call. Precisely because of that, we can get annoyed enough if we receive a fake call or someone who just wants to bother us. The truth is that just take a look at the Google Play app store, we can find a huge number of applications of jokes for Android that we think you should know

Android applications to make love poems

Love poems have been since time immemorial one of the best ways to express love for a person, and that is why they have continued to be used although almost everything in them, from the aesthetic, will change. In these times, we find that there are many good applications for love poems , and that is why we did not want to stop making a specific article about it

5 apps that serve as an Android and iOS epub reader

Digital books in epub format have become the most popular for lovers of literature. It is a standard format oriented to the display of content in electronic books (e-book) that has dozens of compatible tools in computers, mobile phones and tablets. You can find an Android epub reader, but there are also iPad reader tools that enable you to open this format in iOS

Applications to Change Faces. The Best for Android and iPhone 2017

Everything that has to do with the retouching of photos is one of the most used things lately, we can not deny that there are few people who currently use applications to edit quite simply as Instagram , for example. Even the ones that have been most popular this last time were basically changing faces, the ones we use to edit and add things or modify the ones that are already in the photograph

Applications to lose weight in Android

Losing weight is not exactly a simple task for most people, especially because in many cases there is not much willingness to make the sacrifices that are necessary to be able to just lose weight and lose those extra kilos . We have a very complicated way of life, in many cases people who exercise is little compared to the one who does not and neither is it that they take care of themselves in meals or talk about alcohol

Considerably useful applications to lose weight in Android

They say it is easier to gain weight than to lose weight . And that is totally true, something that is too complicated for some people is to maintain or lose weight, there are many methods that claim to be effective and that really are not at all like that, diets should forget them because they do not work and the only thing they achieve doing is a totally negative effect with the passage of time making you even gain more weight than you already were, but in Android we find a lot of applications to keep our weight under control and be able to go down quietly

Coloring applications on Android

Do you have a small child, a nephew or a younger brother who entertains many times with an Android tablet or mobile phone while adults do other things? Well, you should know then that there are many interesting applications to keep having fun, and although there are some really very advanced, this time we want to talk about a simple but sure will be useful

Applications thesaurus for Android and iOS

Have you ever needed a thesaurus and have not had it at hand, or have you had to go to the nearest library to find one? The truth is that if we can get to require help of this type, it is a real sin not to have any of the thesaurus applications, so we can make the most of the possibilities of our mobiles

Applications to customize Android 2017. Leave your mobile as you like

Possibly one of the great advantages that Android has over the other operating systems is just that, to be able to customize the full operating system as possible. I say complete, because if you root and start experimenting with the issue of ROMs there is when you start to really get the juice to everything that Android can come to offer in terms of customization