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5 tetris games for Android that you should not miss

Are you a fan of tetris, one of the most famous games of all time? You have to know then that we are in the presence of a title that we can enjoy on our Android smartphones without problems. The truth is that today we want to show you the 5 best Tetris applications for Android that you have to prove if you really like this type of entertainment

Open the door of the crab in Hungry Shark Evolution

We have spoken several times about Hungry Shark Evolution in this blog, a very interesting game that without doubt once we try it, it keeps us hooked during a good amount of hours. Today we are going to talk again about this title and a doubt that many users have and ask themselves a simple question How can the crab door be opened

How to speed up games on Android

There is no doubt that the best mobile devices to play are the Android and this is due to the power they have, it is even until they have become the ideal platform for developers to launch certain games. Although we must clarify, the fact that Android is the best to play this does not mean that all mobile phones are powerful enough to support any game that is available for this operating system

5 must-have games for Android Wear

The phenomenon of smart watches took a big leap during 2015. The Android Wear watch gained ground as a fun and novel accessory, and today already has a wide variety of games that allow you to have fun for hours playing directly from the small screen on your doll. We tell you which are the 5 best games for Android Wear that will surely accompany you at all times when you feel like hanging out

Everything you need to know about Cuphead for Android

When we talk about games that are in fashion right now and have managed to win over users, we can not fail to mention, in any way, everything related to Cuphead. In fact, we have to point out that not for nothing, one of the main searches of people who live in Spain right now has to do with Cuphead for Android

The Most Complete Analysis of Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies was one of the star games on mobile devices in recent years, and it is for this same reason that developers of this one understood that as phones advanced as entertainment platforms, and users became more demanding, they should launch a renewed version of it, so that at the time, we witnessed the arrival of Plants vs Zombies 2

How to Catch the Biggest Penguin Club Fish

Club penguin is a very fun game for the youngest of the house, it is possible to make a premium account with which you can get certain benefits, but not all have the means to have this account, then we will explain and help in everything you need to get money quickly catching fish, if you are able to catch the biggest fish in penguin club you will win an overwhelming amount of money, much more than any friend who is playing with you

How to increase the speed of games on Android?

When we say that an Android mobile device works slower than it should, we are not referring only to those annoying moments when we can see that it costs to run productivity applications. It is that even when what interests us is that it works well for the games, if the system is somewhat slowed down, you will not even be able to entertain yourself for a while a day as God intended

5 Horror Games for Android

We can not deny that at present the mobiles have become a portable console more , perhaps with some limitations in the matter of controls by the touch screens, but in terms of graphic quality they are simply great and in the case of Android the power that They have several games is simply fantastic. There are many genres that have been growing quite noticeably thanks to mobile devices, without a doubt the casual or the strategy games are some of the most have seen the number of players who enjoy day after day of them, but another of the genres that people want so much is undoubtedly horror and

Knights of the Zodiac: Alma de Aoldados for Tablet

After the great success of the delivery of Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers in 2013, the developer of video games Dimps , decided to bring us a new version of this great game. This is Knights of the Zodiac: Alma de Soldados for Tablet , which brings us a new adventure with a history mode and full of epic combats

Do you know the best game of Yu-Gi-Oh! for Android?

"What is the best game of Yu-Gi-Oh! for Android? " is undoubtedly one of the main questions we have been hearing in recent times. The truth is that it seems that many users are interested in it. In this special article, then, we want to show you all the details about what we consider the best game of Yu-Gi-Oh

Download Call of Duty Black OPS 3 for Android

After the first release of Black OPS ACTIVISION he realized that he had a golden opportunity in his hands, since he was so successful in the Gaming world that without a doubt he had to become a saga, arriving until the third release of the saga, one of the best titles without a doubt of recent times in today we bring you Call of Duty Black OPS 3 for Android , a shooter game that you must try and best of all is that it is from your phone

Criminal Case for PC How to get it?

Surely you know Criminal Case , you have played it or at least you heard about it, it is a game of the puzzle or investigation genre where you are a detective who must find hidden objects in crime scenes to solve it. The same was launched in 2012 for the social network Facebook, its success was so great that later came versions available for iOS and for Android, the studio in charge of this game is the French Pretty Simple, now we can find 10 millions of players who enjoy it every month

Discover, the new fashion game

Have you been a fan at the time of, or You have to know then that all of them have been in the past, and that right now we have a new game to get addicted to in our spare time. It is nothing less than, the title that is fashionable right now among those looking for really addictive games, those that do not allow you to drop the phone simply

Get Unlimited Lives in Pet Rescue Saga with Game Guardian

Pet Rescue Saga is a puzzle game that has had and maintains a fabulous success , it is amazing that even after the time it takes in the store continues to add many users. Although it is understandable that it is so successful as in we can see an interface of very good quality, excellent graphics and also very tender since you can see the little creatures that throughout the game will appear on different levels

Ice Age Adventures for Android, adventures with the oldest heroes

If we take a look around the Google application store we can find games of all styles and for all tastes, but this time we will focus on one that is as fun as addictive, Ice Age Adventures for Android . Sid, Manny and all his friends are very popular with children and adults and to date they have starred in five movies

How to Import Decks in HearthStone

Have you been figuring out how to import decks into HearthStone? you no longer have to keep reading more articles, and specifically in this one you will find all the information you are looking for in this regard. The first thing you have to know is that we are going to talk, of course, about one of the most popular card games nowadays, so if you do not know it, you better take a look at it

Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android

If we take a look at the Google Play Store we can see that there are a lot of games and if we look for soccer simulators the option is really wide, so much so that sometimes it is difficult to choose. If you are looking for a good soccer game for your phone, you may be interested in Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android

Hospital Mental Guide 4

The horror games are still a great success worldwide and is that deep down we love that feeling of fear that we transmit. The saga Mental Hospital has become very popular in devices with Android and iOS operating system and there are already four games that make up the saga, which is a good proof of the success of this type of games

How to install Steam games on Android?

If you are a regular user of the main Internet gaming platforms, you will surely have heard or spoken about the many contents that are part of Steam , the most famous of the category. In our case, we have seen a huge amount of comments consulting if it is possible to install Steam games on Android and that is why we will dedicate this article to that question

Mental agility games for Android

Mobile devices are useful for a wide variety of uses today. So much to do exercises, like to study, moments of leisure and to improve the mental agility. That's exactly what I want to talk about in this article. Because it does not have to be boring, but we can turn it into something fun and at the same time it benefits a lot in our life in general

Android games that close alone How to fix it? Very easy

We can not deny that Android devices are becoming more powerful and are even considered portable video game consoles and in fact too wrong are not those who think that way. Since the amount of varied games that we have available for these operating systems is really fascinating. We may even use portable console emulators, although that is already a separate issue

Horse games, we recommend the best

If we take a look at the Google Play Store we will be able to verify that there are a large number of horse games and most of them are available for free. Horses are beautiful animals that almost everyone likes, that's why the variety of games of this type is so wide. There are some that are more focused on children, while others have been designed for a more adult audience

Aircraft games: the best simulators

Flying has always been a dream for the human being and thanks to the invention of the Wright brothers, nowadays we can all enjoy the experience of flying in an airplane and moving to very distant places in just a few hours. Airplanes exert a strange attraction on all of us, that's why it's so common that we like airplane games , especially simulators

Dinosaur games for all ages

Thousands of years ago the dinosaurs became extinct, but still everything related to these magnificent creatures is able to attract the attention of large and small, perhaps because it is so common to find dinosaur games in the Google Play Store. The dinosaurs star in fighting games, hunting, simulators and even virtual pet games

Disney Channel games, children's favorites

Disney Channel is one of the television channels most liked by children in the house, thanks to its programming specially designed for them. The popularity of the series of this channel is such that the Google Play Store is full of Disney Channel games . The best Disney Channel games Disney Channel has series of drawings and series featuring real people and all of them enjoy great popularity among the younger audience, who want to enjoy their favorite characters also in its video game version

The Best Augmented Reality Games for Android

The Augmented Reality games for Android have been the main protagonists thanks to the popularity of the popular Pokémon Go game around the world. Actually, games with this new technology exist some time ago, but they had not been taken so seriously until now. On this occasion, we will make a list with the best selection of augmented reality games that exist for this mobile platform.

Free Games for Oculus Rift that you should not lose

More than once lately, when talking about the main virtual reality devices that we can find in the market in these months and that will receive content, we have pointed out the case of the Oculus Rift sets . Indeed, it is one of the most famous virtual reality alternatives of these times, along with HTC Vive or PlayStation VR, and today we wanted to go a little further

Mobile games for children. The best children's games for mobile devices

Because obviously many children love to enjoy a good video game , and depending on the game can be quite educational, learn different things, etc. In a few words is a healthy entertainment as long as you have in mind first of all that the game is going, you are not going to make a child play a GTA obviously, but also the amount of time that passes in front of the mobile device

RPG Games on Android Without Internet

RPGs are too popular and they do not really need a presentation, they are games that have loyal fans worldwide, since for many they can become tedious or boring, because of the strategy that is incorporated into their mechanics, but there are too many games of this type and they seem to steal little by little the attention to the people, in this moment we are going to show you the RPG Games in Android Without internet you will be able to enjoy these games in OFFLINE mode

Games for the Samsung Galaxy Core 2. The best of the best

For one of the things we most use our mobile is undoubtedly to play, in a few words they have become the portable consoles of today. Although, some other device may not have the power to make all the games that exist in the Android market work. We can not deny that, despite that, the options that do not require too much hardware are quite interesting and above all things entertaining

Few games for Android

Mobile phones with Android there are many and above all things of many ranges, that is why many people have devices that may be current, but are still low or medium range, even old devices that do not have a power too large and that when it comes to games, obviously you have to limit yourself to enjoy those that ask for few requirements regarding the hardware issue more than anything

Download the best games for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime from the Play Store

There is no doubt that games are the best way to pass the time when we are bored, and this is why they can not be missing on any device, especially mobile devices. This time, we will talk about the best games for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime that we can find in the Play Store , so you can download them and enjoy hours of fun and entertainment on your mobile

Play chess on the mobile, the best applications

Playing chess is an entertainment with many centuries of history. The origins of this game have always been discussed, but the most accepted version is that the game arose in Asia and that from India it spread to China, Russia, Persia and then to Europe, which is the place where the rules that continue to govern this game today

What are you waiting for to live the new adventure of Pixelmon Go?

There is no doubt that Pokémon Go is one of the best games for Android and iOS platforms. Shortly after reaching the pinnacle of success, a kind of "mod" of this game has come to light. This is Pixelmon Go , which like the original the idea is to capture "pixelmons" with "pixelcubres".

The 5 Best Alternatives to Counter Strike for Android

Do you want to know the best alternatives to Counter Strike for Android? Then you have arrived at the right article, bearing in mind that we are going to offer you all the information that you have to take into account in these cases. The first thing you have to consider in this regard is that, of course, we will be talking about options to one of the best games of all time

Launch of FTS 16, one of the most awaited Games

In recent months there has been much speculation about the release of FTS 16 , but today there is still no certain date for the arrival of this game and that is because the developers have encountered some unexpected technical problems. What is First Touch Soccer (FTS)? Football is the king of sports in much of Europe and Latin America and there are thousands of fans of football simulation games

The best alternatives to Apalabrados

When we think of the most important games, both in desktop and mobile versions, we know that Apalabrados is one of the most popular among users worldwide, one that has won over millions of people. For that reason, in a timely manner we have already taught how to download Apalabrados, but we also believe that we must value some of its best alternatives

The best applications Cantajuegos 100 for Android

We always try to solve all the doubts that our readers may have about the main applications that are part of the Google Play store and that they believe can be of enormous utility. In this particular case we wanted to specifically mention what happens then with what we consider the best Cantajuegos 100 applications for Android devices

The best apps and games for girls for Android

Although it is true that times are changing and today is much more common than men of interest for issues that before could only be related to women and vice versa, we must not lose sight of the fact that there are some content on technology that can associate with one of the two sexes more commonly , something in which this article will fall