How to read QR codes on Android

QR codes have become very fashionable lately and is that through them you can give a large amount of information without taking up much space. Surely many times you have seen the already famous QR codes, which are found in all kinds of products, and even in the doors of stores or warehouses; And yet, that does not mean you need to know how to treat them, especially if you have to act on them on your Android mobile

4 features that you must deactivate on your Android mobile

Whenever we talk about smartphones with Android operating system, we mentioned that one of the keys to its operation has to do directly with the extent to which we can modify the user experience, although of course, that also has its negative points. What happens is that some really useful features of Android, when we do not use them, end up ballasting our devices

2 ways to disable the connection to WiFi in Android

Do you want to learn how to disable the WiFi connection on Android? You have to know then that this is one of the main doubts that users of this operating system usually consult us in MiraCómoHacerlo. In effect, next we want to show you some very important tricks that we think you should take into account in this type of particular situations.

Activate Quick Upload in Android 7.0

One of the biggest problems that mobile devices have always had with Android was the issue of the battery. We advance a lot in other aspects, whether in power with processors, RAM, chipset, in addition to storage space and the quality of the cameras. But when it comes to battery we are still very green, missing those times where old mobile phones could last for days and days without charging batteries , but of course at that time we did not have all the functions we have now nor the screens that the new ones devices bring

How to activate the LTE on an Android phone

Have you ever wondered how to activate the LTE on an Android phone? You have to know then that when we talk about LTE networks we basically talk about 4G, the mobile Internet system that came to replace 3G. The truth is that in this article in particular we want to show you all the details that will allow you to activate the 4G networks of your mobile rate on your Android device

How to activate call forwarding in Android

If you usually read all our articles, we are completely sure that you have enjoyed or learned from many directly related to the Android operating system, and today we wanted to stop again in this environment to offer you good information about it. The first thing we are going to say is that in this particular case, we want to talk about the possibility of activating the call diversion in Android , a tutorial that we have been asking for a lot and maybe you need

How to update Android to 4.4 in a very simple way

Possibly one of the best versions we've seen for Android because it was pretty well optimized and very well worked, in addition to today that there are many people who have some old phones, still use this version of Android for popular applications so less is the minimum version that is requested, hence for the newest ones

How to enlarge the text on Android phones?

Mobile devices with Android operating system are the most popular in the world , something we say is due in large part to the versatility offered to users for any type of experience we intend to have. So, practically every day we try to offer our readers the best tutorials related to daily use on Android, and today we have a much anticipated one

Alternative to Android Auto

Android auto is a new and improved version of the popular android operating system, for car drivers, for all that this very good operating system has to offer, among this we have to offer a manageable interface that is totally compatible with driving, in this way we can use our mobile while driving the car, but android car is not available as easily as other android versions, since it requires an innovative system, and implemented that is not fully compatible with all cars, this system has to come installed from factory in new generation vehicles that allow it

How to add options to the Android Off menu step by step

Do you want to know how to add options to the Android Off menu step by step? You have now come to the perfect article for it, since we are going to show you how to make the most of one of the main screens of this operating system. The idea below has to do with that, when you go to turn off your smartphone, you can find other functions before nonexistent

Android: Save everything by default to the SD card

Those who buy a low-end or middle-range mobile device know that they come with an internal memory that in most cases is quite poor. It is usually 8 GB and in some cases in the middle range you can have 16 GB . The issue is that many people do not pay attention to this detail thinking that they have all that space that is advertised for themselves

Android Marshmallow vs Android Lollipop: main differences

Every year, Google people introduce new Nexus mobile devices in the market, and at the same time, the multinational search engine, one of the leading companies around the world, takes the opportunity to teach a new version of Android. On this occasion, as we know, Google has opted for a smartphone developed by LG, and a phablet - an operationally larger mobile - in charge of China Huawei

Turn off the screen of your Android using the fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader is something that is gradually becoming more common in most mobile devices and is that the huge amount of amenities that we can offer and that as time goes by, new adds is impressive. Without going too far it is possible to unlock the Smartphone with the fingerprint reader , pay for NFC or even make purchases in the store, so obviously you will realize that the advantages are enough and that is why little by little the Android is more than They include the sensor in the hardware

Learn to program automatic reboot on your Android with this tutorial

Of the many or few operating systems that exist for mobile devices. The most used by far is Android, that's nothing new. Neither is the fact that it is the most versatile operating system of all, with great freedom that gives the user so that he is able to do, basically, what he wants to do on his mobile

Learn to Set the "Do Not Disturb" mode in Android 8.0 Oreo

What is the no-bother mode for Android? It is a fairly simple way that is present in the operating system since Android 5.0 Lollipop that as they were launching new versions of the operating system was improved considerably. This mode is used, among other things, to prevent any call, alarm or message from bothering us, in order to basically use the mobile phone without any kind of interruption

Learn how to convert images to PDF without losing quality on Android with this tutorial

In many occasions to pass sheets and sheets of text to digital is not exactly something too fast to carry out and in case you have to do it for work or for subjects of study, it can become a quite complicated odyssey or even a nightmare in few words. But would you like to do all this automatically? It is possible thanks to a quite simple, but powerful application: Fairy App

This is how you can make an Android downgrade

It is normal that when we get the notification that we have a new version of Android available to download and install , after all it is assumed that a new version brings its obvious improvements and that the device should work in a more optimal way in some sense, although be. The issue is that many times it happens that certain versions of Android come with bugs or some errors that occur in our specific device

Fix or repair your Android. Quick and easy

The reasons why our device with Android may fail, are many. However, the solutions in many cases are a few and within all are quite easy to carry forward. Although some of them are somewhat complicated, they are not all obviously. What we are going to talk about next is to try to explain in more detail what are the simple methods to fix your Android if it has any kind of software problem

How to increase sensitivity on Android screens?

Has it ever happened to you that you try to make a movement with your fingers on the touch screen of your mobile but you feel that the system does not finish taking them or that even if it does, it takes too long to process the indication? Well, like any element, the touch screen of mobile phones may start to fail after some time of use, so it is convenient that you know the possible solutions to these problems

How to block an incoming call on Android

It is normal that every so often you receive calls of the same number , again and again. They are annoying and it happened to all of us at some point, whether it is someone who gets heavy, who has played a joke in poor taste posted somewhere or simply the companies offering their "so interesting" offers that we do not really have Wanting to listen for nothing in the world

Clear browsing history on Android

Our smartphones and tablets accompany us in our daily lives and are exposed to being stolen or lost. That's why it becomes even more important if you can delete the browsing history in Android . Unless we use a private or incognito browsing system, browsers store information about our online activity

Lock with fingerprint on any Android

In our phones we keep a good amount of information and personal data, so we do not want anyone to be able to access its content. The latest generation mobile phones are incorporating a fingerprint reader that allows you to lock and unlock the mobile using only the fingerprint. But you do not need to have a latest model mobile to enjoy this advantage, there are applications that allow blocking with fingerprint on any Android

Is it good to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

One of the most curious queries has arrived a few weeks ago, and specifically it was a user who asked us something like "is it good to update Android 6.0 Marshmallow?", A question that we think many other users may be doing now same. The truth is that although Android 6.0 Marshmallow has been on the market for quite some time, in any case we find that its acceptance rate has been rather low , a problem that repeats Android 7

How to change the default account on Android

The truth is that many people do not know how to change the default Google account on Android , it is totally understandable because once we enter the account after we continue using the device and as it is not necessary to do it again we forget about it. The truth is that doing this procedure is very easy, more than many people think so this can be done by you from the comfort of your home

How to change the resolution of a photo on Android

Have you ever wondered how to change the resolution of a photo on Android? You have to know then that we are talking about one of the essential tutorials when we are inside this operating system. In fact, when we talk about the size of photographs, we almost always talk about their weight, and that is why it is important that you know how to reduce them if necessary

Change the model number on Android devices

Obviously all Android devices have a model number that we can see in the Settings part of About the device. In this place we have a lot of information about the phone in question such as battery status, network, etc. Legal information, Device name, Android version, baseband and kernel version. Among all that we see the Model Number

Secret codes for Android

If you usually read our articles, you will know that many times we like to emphasize some of the best tricks and secrets that are part of the most widely used mobile operating system in the world , and of course Android. Indeed, we have to mention that beyond the curiosities as Android tricks that many know, there are others that have managed to go unnoticed in time

Download CMAP Tools for Android

Cmap tools for android is a generator of maps, diagrams or maps that combines text with images and arrows to organize all kinds of ideas and concepts. It is easy to explain the idea by making maps or diagrams, which work to obtain quite impressive results. It can be said that it is a simple tool, which uses many areas, such as education, research and work

How to Change the Keyboard in Android

Android is undoubtedly the main operating system around the world, an operating system that is present in 9 out of 10 mobile phones that are sold worldwide. And although it is true that it has a huge number of advantages over the competition, we are particularly interested in talking about its levels of personalization

How to change the tone of notifications on Android

Android is the most used mobile operating system worldwide, an operating system that is present in 9 out of 10 mobile phones that are sold worldwide, beyond the different treatment given by each of the manufacturers that decide bet on him. In any case, we want all our readers to have the most complete experience possible when it comes to knowing the notification tones in Android , and in this case especially, to change them whenever they want

How to activate the debug mode in Android?

Android is possibly the operating system with more freedom that exists at the moment for mobile devices, one of the options that you should always have activated if you like to experiment with this OS is undoubtedly the USB debug mode , it is not really complicated achieve and we will show you in this article how you should do to achieve it

How to Calibrate Android Touch Screen

Currently, all mobile devices are touch-sensitive, so it is essential that the screen works properly. In case you are having problems with the touch screen a possible solution may be to calibrate it. That is why we will see in this article how to calibrate the touch screen in Android so that it will work again as usual

How to activate the development options in Android?

From version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Android may have development options, however the same in Jelly Bean are hidden by default . Obviously the idea of ​​Google is to prevent any kind of user without experience can access these options to avoid touching things that should not touch or of which they have no knowledge and end up making the device work badly, that's why we're going to show in this article how to activate the Android development options. Bu

How to Block a Stolen Android Phone

Unfortunately, theft of your mobile phone can be "normal" in the time we live. Even losing it can happen every so often. For this reason, it is necessary to learn to use different tools such as the one offered by Google to block the mobile phone in case this happens so that, at least, they do not have access to our personal information

How to Calibrate the Proximity Sensor on Android Phones

Although not everyone knows, the truth is that absolutely all smartphones in the world have a huge number of sensors inside, and in fact the more advanced they are, the more sensors they incorporate into their hardware. Among these many sensors, one of the most important is the proximity sensor , which plays a fundamental role in the operation of certain applications that we may have installed on our smartphones

How to change the wallpaper on Android

One of the things that we can do to personalize our Android is to change the wallpaper, in this way we can put a wallpaper that we want so that we can have a picture or image of something that we like, it can be anything if it is that you downloaded the image to your device previously, in this article we will teach you then to establish a wallpaper easily, you will realize that in reality, it is not as complicated as it seems

How to Change the PIN of the SIM in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the latest version of Google's operating environment for mobile phones, and although it is currently available only for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P terminals, we know that little by little they will start arriving at the equipment of other companies, and that's why it can be interesting to know some of his best tricks

How to Convert SD Card to Android Internal Memory

The internal memory in Android was always a problem for those who have low / medium range mobile devices. Most applications are installed in the internal memory and, therefore, the SD card only remains for what would be the photos, videos and little more than that. Do you want to know how to convert SD card into internal memory in Android

How to create GIFs of a video on Android?

We all know the GIF files, those little pieces as taken from a video that sometimes take a while to reproduce, but then let us see an animated scene, both on computers and mobile. Well, in recent times, a huge number of readers has been consulting us about what are the possibilities of creating GIFs from an Android terminal , and in this regard we have to say that not only is it possible, but it is much easier to what we could come to suppose, to the point that with just one application, we will teach you how to do it with this simple step by step

How to record the radio in Android without having to pay?

Android terminals are extremely popular nowadays, and everyone uses them to be able to entertain themselves with their different applications, some of which have to do directly with the world of radio. For this reason, on this occasion, we want to teach you not only how to listen to the radio on your Android in a quick and easy way even if you do not have FM Radio as one of the features of the device, but also, at the same time, how to record that content of the radio, free and legally