Explorer, a browser that can be useful in some things

We have a wide variety of browsers to be able to investigate the large network of networks, more than anything in computers obviously. That's why having a good trusted browser is essential to have a pleasant experience browsing the web. Internet Explorer is one of the browsers that at the time knew to be the most used in the world with a big enough difference, it seemed that nothing was going to be able to knock it down until the dreaded Google Chrome arrived and little by little it was getting closer until I managed to uncork it for to stay with absolutely everything, began the decadence o

How to Activate Incognito Mode or Private Mode in Mozilla Firefox

When we browse our favorite websites, as well as when we download content over the Internet, we often lose sight of the fact that we are leaving behind all kinds of important data with which we should be more careful. If you do not want to share this information with the websites you visit or with the people with whom you can get to share that computer, we recommend that you use the Incognito Mode or Private Mode that most browsers incorporate, such as Mozilla Firefox

How to start Firefox in Safe Mode

Although it is true that today the most widely used browser in the world is Google Chrome, we can not lose sight of any case that many users are still betting on what Google Chrome can offer. Indeed, this time we want to show you all the details directly related to how to start Firefox in Safe Mode , one of its best functions

With Firefox, surfing your mobile will be practical and fast

We all surf the Internet, even for a little while during the day, to do it using a web browser that can be one of many, the most popular is undoubtedly Google Chrome which we have spoken on several occasions in the blog. But in case Chrome does not finish convincing you, what you can do is download Firefox , another of the great browsers that are available to use, reliable, safe, fast and with constant updates that even make it superior to Chrome, at least for me

Install Mozilla as a browser

Internet browsing has advanced a lot. Gone are the times when we were condemned to use Internet Explorer, yes or yes, if we had a Windows operating system. Today we can choose from a wide variety of browsers and among them Mozilla has become one of the most popular. Let's see how to install Mozilla

How to install the Mozilla Firefox browser on my PC?

Although it is true that when we talk about web browsers, that is to say all those that we use in our computers, we must emphasize that Chrome, the Google service, is the most popular in the world, that does not mean that there are not other important alternatives within the segment, as for example on this occasion the well-known Mozilla Firefox, of which today we want to talk a little so that you know it, and eventually, download

Opera Mini: A Quick and No Ads Browser for your Mobile

Opera Mini was recently designed by Opera Software to meet the needs of users of mobile devices, this was officially launched in 2005. Originally derived from the web browser for PC Opera which began to be available since 1996 , it was growing quite a lot, but in 2012 it began to become one of the most used for mobile devices

Opera: A secure, reliable and resource-saving browser

Opera is one of those browsers that has been available for many years and that is constantly updated, which is very good and reliable but which "few" people know. Eye that I am saying few people know compared to the leaders in this field that would be Chrome and Firefox. The truth is that download Opera is an excellent option and even more in case you want on your mobile device save a good amount of data since it has Opera Turbo , with which you can navigate faster and consuming much less mobile data, saving a little money at the end of the month

How to restart Mozilla Firefox

There are many browsers available to users, but Mozilla Firefox continues to occupy a prominent position. This browser is installed on millions of computers, phones and tablets, which says a lot about its quality. However, at some point we may have some kind of problem and that is when we need to know how to restart Mozilla Firefox

If you want a fast browser on your mobile, Opera Mini is what you were looking for

If you want to have a fast browser and on top of that you can save some money in terms of mobile data, without any doubt you have to download Opera Mini since when using Opera servers to compress the pages, you can be sure that you will save Pretty much in terms of mobile data and load all the webs in a much faster way

Learn with this simple guide to activate private browsing in Firefox

Currently all browsers have private browsing mode and it is not for nothing less. We live in a time where privacy was left unfortunately. It is something that is seen too often in social networks, people register and do not even worry about setting the parameters of your account, nor the least to check if everything is really configured as they would like

UC Browser - all you have to know about it

Already on some occasion in the past we had made the expected comparison between two of the main Android browsers that can offer us the market, that is, the classic Google Chrome, face to face with UC Browser . However, on this occasion and at the request of many of the users who want to know more details about the second one, we are going to stop there for a moment

How to install Opera

A few years ago, talking about Internet browsers was synonymous with talking about Internet Explorer, Microsoft's browser. As users, we were really limited and we had no choice. However, nowadays things have changed a lot and we can freely install on our devices the browser that we want the most

Is Firefox going slow? Discover How to Accelerate Firefox

Surfing the Internet is one of the things we do most time when we are in front of a computer. Obviously for this we need a good browser and Mozilla Firefox is one of the best to navigate safely, agile and without worrying about anything . However, every so often this can work in a way that is not appropriate