Discover what the summer solstice is for

A summer solstice is when the Sun reaches its highest apparent height in the sky, so the duration of the day is the maximum of the year. This is the result of the inclination of the north-south axis of the earth 23.4 degrees relative to the ecliptic plane of the solar system. This inclination causes different amounts of sunlight to reach different regions of the planet during the Earth's orbit around the Sun

Curiosities of Android that you probably did not know

The history of Android contains many secrets and about all the many curiosities, obviously it is normal that most of the things that have happened in its history are never made public. But today we settle for what I want to leave you next, a series of curiosities about the operating system of Google, which a while ago, rather, in its beginnings, was completely different from what it is today and denotes what A lot that has progressed with the passage of time and the work behind, of thousands of people who did what Android is today

This is how you can have the Maluma haircut. Very simple!

One of the most recognized singers in the world, but above all things in Latin America is undoubtedly Maluma . It appeared practically overnight, but the success of his songs made him considerably famous and now he is who he is, a person who shares music videos with Ricky Martin among other artists considerably known as Shakira, so you can get an idea if it is that you live inside a bubble

Are you Internet Addict? How to prevent it and how to solve Internet addiction

Nowadays it is not at all uncommon to spend a huge amount of time at the computer. But not only remains in that, but also now with mobile phones that are carried everywhere, it is normal to be ALWAYS connected and all the time depending on the internet, watching what happens on social networks, on YouTube, updating states, etc

This is how the pyramids were really built

The construction of the pyramids has always been one of the great mysteries of humanity. Throughout history, everything has been said about this topic, since they were built by the extraterrestrials to a thousand stories that had little to do with a possible reality. However, now it seems that the mystery has been resolved, at least to a large extent

3 cases of real vampires that shook the world

Do you think vampires do not exist? Well, we can say that they do not exist at present, and that in fact, most of the stories that are told about them, like the powers attributed to them, are false. However, that does not necessarily mean that the story does not know of creepy cases of vampires, or at least people who liked the blood of others , literally

How old is Maluma

Have you ever wondered how old Maluma is? You have to know what seems to be a fairly common question from the users, one that we wanted to solve today. The first thing you have to consider in this regard is that Maluma, whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, was born in the Colombian city of Medellín on January 28, 1994.

What is the Big Bang theory?

One of the biggest curiosities that the human being has always had is knowing where we came from. And for this it is necessary to have information about the origin of the universe. It is difficult to perform tested experiments in this regard, but the theory that has more followers today is the Big Bang

Border Collie, a very intelligent and active breed

The Border Collie is a race that has multiple qualities, is known to be the most intelligent dog breed, demonstrated in its great capacity for learning both for competitions such as Agility and for exercise. Physical appearance of the Border Collie This breed of dogs is very agile and has an ideal physical shape to jump, run and exercise

Learn all about the Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese horoscope is the astrology of the Chinese calendar, it has 12 annual cycles of animals, known as the Chinese zodiac . The ancient Chinese astronomers assigned to each of the five main plants one of the five Chinese elements, for example, Venus was assigned metal, Jupiter wood, Mercury water and air, Mars fire and Saturn the earth

Tips to Keep in Mind if You Want to Adopt a Beagle

If you are looking for a small but attractive and easy-to-treat dog, then you should consider adopting a Beagle . They are moderately small dogs and both their expression and appearance is very tender , so many people consider this breed a marvel. However, these dogs were bred as hunting dogs, so in their genes they keep this behavior and the traits of a hunter

How to calculate the ovulation date?

The statistics of recent times both in Spanish territory and in the rest of the world show that many couples around the world have problems to conceive a child, even when they try everything possible. One of the biggest problems in this regard is that many of them do not know thoroughly what is the best fertility moment of the best during the menstrual cycle

People are dying to take a selfie

It may be a strong title to start this article, but unfortunately it is true and is that the boom of selfies came to us, apparently, to stay in 2014. The problem is that in 2015 you will begin to know a dangerous level of the selfies, a dark number and it has to do with the fact that people are dying to take an image of themselves and yes, I speak literally

Quinoa, the Perfect Food for Any Diet

Quinoa is a food that has multiple medicinal benefits. This, thanks to its active ingredients and its nutritional value, thus offering benefits to lose weight and as a result, to prevent diseases that are related to obesity , such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hyperlipemia, among others. What is Quinoa

Moon calendar: An Esoteric Guide for your Life

For many centuries, diverse cultures have guided their people through different methods. One of them is the calendar. Each tribe or culture has or had at that time one of its own. That's when we talk about Western, Chinese or lunar calendar. What is the lunar calendar and how does it work? The lunar calendar is defined as a method of calculating time (specifically the years), where each type of moon corresponds to a month

The best inventions in history

Throughout history, the human being has made a large number of inventions designed to make life a little easier. Choose only 10 of them is not a simple task, but we will try to help you remember those milestones that marked a whole era and without which the current world would not be the same. The language Without language, nothing else would have been possible

The Rays in the Sky are not Fumigations, and then?

"The rays in the sky are not fumigations" is one of the most curious hoaxes we have seen appear on WhatsApp in recent times , one that probably has reached many Spanish. The truth is that it is a hoax, a completely false message that tries to harm the other people of this social network, so let's talk a little about it

Letters for a person who is surprised

Missing a person is one of the worst sensations we can have, although there is always the chance to show how much we love him by the hand of a nice letter, which allows us to leave the social networks for a second, and send our best wishes in traditional written form. Next, we're going to leave you some of the best cards for a stranger friend, so you can make it clear to him what he means in your life , and how much you think about him despite the distance

The most important contributions and inventions of Nikola Tesla

The memory of Nikola Tesla wakes up, as soon as his genius and personality are noticed, as much admiration as a strange feeling of injustice and despair . The unique inventor was born in 1856 in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire (present-day Croatia) in a mountain village, being considered a visionary and ahead of the times that touched him live and therefore in many aspects, a misunderstood

Discover the strangest animals in the world

Has it ever happened to you that you are in the garden at home, and you see a variant of some common and ordinary species but with some deformation that you did not know? You will have thought then that surely nature has kept us many really strange creatures of which we have no idea, and of course, scientists have been commissioned to review many of them so that we know them thoroughly

The 10 historical events that most moved the planet

How many times have we considered that at the moment of the greatest events of humanity had existed the current means of social communication and especially the Internet, things would have surely taken other directions. The French who lived far from Paris, for example, could have joined the revolutionary cause through social networks through hashtags such as #FueraelAbsolutismo, #BastadeLuisXVI or #VamosRobespierre

Nicole Barr: 12 years and smarter than Albert Einstein

In recent centuries, we have been able to see concrete discoveries or theoretical expressions of brilliant minds that have managed to change the world around us, many of them only possible from higher intelligences, such as Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking, to name a few. However, that does not mean either that there is no news about people more inteligenges than they, as we can see now with the news about little Nicole Barr, who apparently has an IQ even above these two characters

Oniromancy: The Art of Knowing the Dreams

Predicting the future has been a trend in humans for centuries. The various 'mancias', through their peculiar ways, give us the possibility of knowing what destiny has in a short or long period of time. Despite the fact that for centuries there have been some controversies about whether to believe in these predictions or not, the meaning of dreams is one of the most sought after

What is the real name of Maluma

Maluma is undoubtedly one of the main artists of the present , and for that reason in the last times we try to offer all the information about him, beginning of course by the age of Maluma. What happens is that after talking about it, there have been many who have begun to ask us about what is the real name of Maluma, and that concerns us today

Can diabetes be cured?

Diabetes is a disease that more and more people suffer in the world. In fact, it is estimated that in the not too distant future one third of the adult population will suffer from this problem that can be so complicated. At the moment, there is no known cure for this annoying condition that prevents many people from living a completely normal life

Discover how to spend your dollars in euros

The US dollar is the official currency of the United States of America, for a long time the dollar has been the basis of the world economy, this currency being very useful for calculating exchange rates and world prices. On the other hand, the euro is the official currency in 19 countries of the European Union

What does thug life mean?

Thug life is one of the most used expressions on the Internet lately and we often see it in memes and videos , but what does thug life mean? If we turn to the dictionary we can see that the term thug refers to a criminal or violent person , while life means life . It is therefore an expression that refers to the life of a violent person or a life of criminality , but the meaning that is usually given in memes is not so hard

Silly questions for Siri

If you usually read our articles, you will have seen that we have recently mentioned the relevance that voice assistants have in current, mobile smartphones that in many cases bring them integrated from the factory. In the case of the iPhone, we find what happens with the voice assistant Siri, and we must say that many users like to laugh a little about him

How to remove a laser tattoo?

Tattoos are indissolubly linked to human culture, although in more advanced societies this type of drawings on the skin is now more of a fashion than something that is taken for a cultural issue . Until a few years ago every time someone got a tattoo was forever, but the advances in the aesthetic laser nowadays allow a tattoo to be erased from the skin

How to Know what my Intellectual Coefficient is?

Previously, in some other article, we had already talked about the IQ , and whether we want it or not, it is an issue that every time jumps to the eye and heard from all of us, causing hundreds of doubts about it. Of course, we have all heard about IQ, but several studies have indicated that most people do not know what we mean when we deal with this issue, let alone what their own IQ

How to know how much was an earthquake in Chile

Whenever we make all kinds of articles, we usually comment that we have readers in a good part of the world who follow all our contents to know them thoroughly. In fact, many times we have even pointed out that some of them read us directly from the Chilean territory. In this particular case, we did not want to stop referring to this issue, taking into account that Chile is evidently one of the most seismic countries in the world, and although it may not seem like it, technology has a lot to say about it

Easy recipes to take in a tupper

There are many people who work or study outside the home and can not afford to go to a restaurant every day, so they have to be aware of preparing the tupperware or tupperware to carry their food. Precisely for this reason today we bring a collection of easy recipes to eat healthy and delicious. Easy lines to not complicate life There is nothing more lazy than to get home after a good number of hours working or studying and having to start making the next day's meal, although another option is to get up early the next day to make food and that gives even more lazy

Do you know what Thug Life means?

For some time we have seen a good amount of content between videos and memes related to "Thug Life" Right? But on many occasions, despite the fact that it can be funny depending on the video, etc. The truth is that most people do not really have much idea what it means. In this article I want to comment on the meaning of Thug Life, we will go into details about this phrase that became so popular in a huge amount of videos

Why do I go more ugly in selfies than in normal photos?

Has it ever made you feel that you are worse off in selfies or selfies than in traditional photos? You have to know then that it is a question that many users make in this type of case. The problem is that selfies are fashionable in these times, and that is why we want to offer you all the information about it that you should take into account

What is virtual reality for?

Have you ever wondered about the main uses of virtual reality? You have to know that some time ago we tried to analyze with what aspects of daily life they have to see concretely. The truth is that we are going to show you some uses of virtual reality that have nothing to do with the world of video games, and that we believe could be useful for you

How were the pyramids of Egypt built?

What do you think about when talking about Egypt? Well, if we ask the majority of people, they will surely tell us that first of all in their history, and as a representation of a good part of it, in their famous pyramids . Now, if it is true that the pyramids do not belong only to this civilization because we can also find them in other parts of the world, for researchers and people, the relationship has always been intrinsic with this people of North Africa

How is IQ measured?

Surely you've heard about the quotient or IQ on more than one occasion, and you've even done some of these quick and inconclusive but fun tests that go around the web. Well, in fact, we all like to know what is the capacity of our brain to face different circumstances , or in other words, to know how smart we are

Maori tattoos, how are they made and what do they mean?

Tattoos have been part of human culture for thousands of years. Although in Western cultures these drawings on the skin are more a matter of fashion or aesthetics, in many tribes of tribal origin tattoos have a broad meaning. When we talk about tattoos one of the most popular are Maori tattoos . The Maori culture is characterized by the presence of tattoos on different parts of the body, including the face

The Summer Solstice and Everything It Represents

Do you know what the summer solstice is ? If you do not know yet, then you should read this article about it , although in summary, it is when the Sun reaches its highest point, making the night shorter and the day longer than normal. All this happens the same day in the northern hemisphere and close to June 21

How is electricity produced?

Have you ever wondered how electricity is produced? And of course, we know that it is a basic element for the modern life of human beings, one without which many scientific advances, if not all, would have been impossible. Indeed, in this particular case we want to stop for a moment in the way in which electricity is generated, something that will surely attract the attention of our readers