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How to remove tags on Facebook quickly

Have you been to a party and now you are dealing with dozens of photos on Facebook where you are not in good condition ? Have you been tagged in a photo that you do not like? Do you want some of your photos not being rotated by the net? Facebook is a useful and fun tool, but sometimes it can make our life too exposed even if we do not upload any images

How to Delete my Facebook Phone Number

We will see step by step how to delete my Facebook phone number . We will explain in this article how to erase your phone number either from a computer or from a mobile phone in a simple way. Having the phone number in the account is quite useful for security reasons. However, we all know by now that this phone number is also used for other things like advertising, so in case you want to eliminate it, it is quite understandable

How to Remove the Block to Publish on Facebook

Have you wanted to publish a photograph, video or text on Facebook and you have found that it is simply impossible because you are as blocked in this social network, the most important in the world? Well, you must first know that nothing, that it is a much more common problem than we think . And then, fortunately, there are some possible solutions that should not be dismissed

Delete or delete the Android Facebook app

It is normal that when we acquire a new phone is the brand that is the same have applications installed by default. One of those applications that we find in most mobile phones is WhatsApp and on the other hand it is Facebook, they are applications that basically belong to the same company and are used by millions and millions of people around the world

How to delete Facebook's search history

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and it is not that we say it, but it is the platform of this type that most users have on a daily basis, with all that that means. When we talk about Facebook, we quickly find that all kinds of doubts are arising, and today we want to teach you to dispel one of the most common in this regard

How to hide posts from a Facebook friend without deleting them

On Facebook we all have friends who, for work or another reason, spend a lot of time publishing a lot of things that do not interest us, many people believe that the only solution is to eliminate them from their friends list but the truth is that it is not the only way It is less drastic and dramatic than the idea of ​​eliminating that person. Do

How to block a Facebook profile without deleting it?

Have you ever wondered how to block a Facebook profile without deleting it? The truth is that it seems to be one of the main doubts of users, taking into account the certain codes that appear in this social network. And it is that surely you will know that many times, when using social networks like these, we expose ourselves to communicate with people that we do not like very well

How to Delete or Hide Old Publications on Facebook?

Facebook is the most used social network in the world , in addition to being the one with the largest number of users, many of which actually have their profiles for a decade, having accumulated in this time many publications. And we say this precisely because there are many people who have been consulting us in recent months and weeks about the possibility of deleting several old Facebook posts so that they are no longer visible

How to remove birthday notifications on Facebook

Facebook has notifications for absolutely everything , from things that may interest you to things that do not interest anyone. In a few words with Facebook we have notifications of any kind and one of those is evidently birthdays. Keep in mind that many times birthday notifications are too heavy, especially because it is normal to have in our Facebook account several strangers whose birthdays we honestly do not care about and the people who really care about their birthday possibly remember it without a social network to help us

How to Delete your Facebook Account Forever

We are all aware that Facebook is the main social network in the world, and yet we can not lose sight of the fact that on many occasions or for different reasons, it may interest us to delete our account. In this case we specifically want to teach you in the simplest and fastest way possible, how you can delete a Facebook account, so that your information no longer appears so that other users of this well-known social platform can see it

How to Delete or Delete a Facebook Virus

Viruses are threats with which people surfing the web often coexist daily. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to prevent them from existing, although we can try to prevent them from infecting the devices we use. Today we will see how to remove a virus from Facebook in case you are infected. It is normal that well-known and used applications by millions of people have around people with bad intentions trying to take advantage of the personal data of others