6 tricks for Gboard, the Google keyboard that you probably did not know

The Google keyboard has a lot of "secrets" so in this article I want to comment exactly what are those tricks for the Gboard , so you can squeeze as much as possible all the secrets of one of the best Android keyboards, so that in this way you can squeeze the same and in turn, write in a very comfortable and fast, which after all, is what you look for in a keyboard

How to clear your Google search history

Have you ever wondered how to erase Google's search history? In fact, no one escapes absolutely that Google is one of the main search engines, which most users worldwide use. And that's why we recurrently receive queries and comments about some tutorials that might well serve users about it. In this particular case, we did not want to stop teaching you how to delete the Google search history, taking into account that the history is there as a security measure, if you want, so as not to lose the contents that we have seen

How to chat without Internet with the Google RCS standard

Do you want to know how to chat without Internet with the Google RCS standard? Well, we are finally going to analyze this question, taking into account that it is one of the step by step that more users are asking us, and one that we are sure that many of them will know how to take advantage of. The truth is that there are always technologies that are coming and others that are leaving, and you should be aware of each of them to know all its details, and analyze which one we want to stay with

Google commands to perform more efficient searches

Google is undoubtedly the world's leading search engine, the first tool that many of us have on hand when we want to find out or inform us of something. However, few know that there are all kinds of tricks related to this search engine, to take advantage of it even more. Therefore, in this article we wanted to review some of the best Google commands to perform more efficient searches , a series of tricks that will surely allow you to know the search engine by excellence as never before

How to Earn Money with Google Opinion Rewards?

If you've ever been interested in making money online, then you've probably heard about Google Opinion Rewards , a Google platform specially designed to do surveys. Indeed, Google Opinion Rewards was developed by the giant of Mountain View in order to know a little more closely the tastes and interests of users like us, and how difficult it is for someone to stop in and answer all kinds of queries, they have had no better idea than to carry out this section, in which they give us some money in exchange, either in cash, or in the balance to spend within our Google Play store account

How to Adjust Privacy in Google Home in a Very Simple Way

Google Home in a few words are smart speakers that work wonders and give us many comforts. However, it is normal for many people to feel a little "fear" for saying something about the subject of privacy, with their personal information. For that reason if you want to learn how to adjust the privacy of Google Home to prevent the internet giant from having too much information about you, then read on

How to Create Live Albums Google Photos in Very Few Steps

Live Albums is one of the options of Google Photos that are being used most today and is that in this way you can automatically add our photos. It does not only serve to have a backup of all our photographs. It also allows us to manage more efficiently and above all comfortable photos that we take with our mobile device

How to remove Google Talk Android in a very simple way

Many times it is necessary to eliminate some applications that are installed in our mobile factory not only because we do not use them but also that they only occupy space that can be useful for other things you want to install. Google Talk is one of those app that you can eliminate and it will not cause any problem to the operating system in general , it was integrated with Gmail in its principles but now it is integrated with Google Hangouts

How to Clear the Google Search History on Your Computer

Google is the main search engine of the world, which has won the battle within this segment to the point that practically many of the users do not even know other similar services. As we know, as we use this search engine the information and related details about our searches are stored, regardless of whether we use it on our Windows or Mac computer , or on an iOS or Android mobile

How to Search From Images in Google on the Mobile?

When we think about the main engines and search that exist in the world, you probably still remember some mythical ones that over time were being forgotten, and in large part, because of Google . In effect, the Mountain View company is for millions of people across the planet their first choice when it comes to finding content about virtually anything

How to register with Google

Google has expanded its services over time and to access all of them it is not necessary to open an account in each one. The thing is simpler, we create an account in Google and from it we can access all its services. Today we will see how to register with Google . If you want to enjoy the Google Play Store, YouTube, the Google AdWords service, Google+, etc

How to remove the Google bar on Android

Have you ever wondered how to delete the Google Android bar? You have to know then that we will then show you the best information so that you can carry out this type of step by step. The first thing you have to know is that there are many users interested in being able to remove or remove that Google search bar that comes pre-installed on Android

Error when trying to connect to Google servers

In some other occasion you probably got a beautiful message that says something similar to " Can not establish a secure data connection with the server ", some Android phones may have this problem and in case it had happened to you or is happening to you and you want to know how to solve it, then we are going to tell you in this article what are the steps that you have to follow to the letter so that you do not have to suffer this drama again

How to fix error?

More than once we have devoted in recent times, complete articles to analyze the operation of various Android devices, analyzing certain errors that could affect some of them in particular according to the manufacturers. More then we have to say that there are other problems of a generalized nature, which can affect Android devices of all types , such as the one that interests us today

Delete Google account from a Sony Xperia XA

If we think of the main manufacturers of smartphones around the world, we can quickly come to the realization that Sony, the Japanese company, is one of the most important references that are part of this segment, so then we will show you some details about. In fact, it is a tutorial that many users have asked us expressly for the Sony Xperia XA but it works in absolutely all terminals that have been manufactured by this company

GAPPS: Google Apps for your ROM

If you are a regular reader of our articles, then you will know that in the past, at some point, we had talked about GAPPS, as many call Google's traditional applications for Android phones . And as we know that a good number of users of these devices, sooner or later bet on the installation of ROMs AOSP as CyanogenMod, this article will be useful

Does Google Photos spend a lot of battery? We teach you how to fix it

Google Photos is a very practical service to always have backup of our favorite images, besides being able to access them from different devices. But although it has many advantages, it also has one major drawback: it spends too much battery power. And if already our smartphones usually have a quite limited autonomy, it would be interesting to find a way that this consumption is reduced in some way

Google Assistant vs. Bixby: which one is better?

If you have been paying attention, you will have seen that in recent times, voice aids have become increasingly important in smartphones , and they all integrate at least one of them. The truth is that when Samsung announced the launch of its Galaxy S8, we knew it would come not with one but with two assistants, namely Google Assitant, but also Bixby

Google helps you save data with Datally

Today it is practically impossible to think of a mobile device that does not have internet , but we must bear in mind that although there are many data plans with which you do not have to spend a fortune at the end of the month, There are people who perhaps do not get to pay an unlimited or they are paying barely enough to reach mid-month

How to get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards

One way to earn money to buy apps on Google Play is by conducting surveys. Google Opinion Rewards is an app that sends you surveys to complete and gives you credits for the store as you complete them. The user does not choose the surveys, it is Google that will send you different surveys according to different parameters

How to use Google Opinion Rewards in any country. Get paid app, free

The Play Store has millions of applications, games, books, movies and other items that you can access easily. Many of them give you some things in life and others are just for fun or moments of relaxation , but most likely you do not have knowledge of many app that use millions of people and could be very useful for you

Dynamic images of Bing within Google

In the world of search engines on the Internet there are more options besides Google, but at least in Europe this search engine is the most popular. Bing is the main competition of Google , it is not so efficient or so fast, but for many it is the preferred option when it comes to searching for images

Tricks to Search Images in Google

When you need to search for something on the Internet, whatever it is, Google is probably the best place to go; whether they are pages, news, videos and, what we are dealing with today, images, you will be able to find everything you need. If what you want is to look for images, today we are going to show you some tricks to filter the results and find exactly what you are looking for

How to set up your Google Home for the first time

Google Home is the smart speaker of Google , a device that allows you through your assistant Google Assistant, to control absolutely all the smart equipment in your home, as well as obtain important information. In the following lines, then, we want to show you how to configure this device for the first time

How to Search for Work in Google with the Jobs Function?

Google is one of the main platforms of the world , and although when we think of the company we almost always look at its search engine because it is the most famous thing that it has, we can not lose sight of the fact that it has many other services. In any case we must emphasize that this time we want to stop in particular in the Google Jobs system , one that as its name suggests, allows us to find work in case we need it

Google wants to help you plan your trip in a more easy and economical way

Google is always thinking about covering all the needs of its users , whatever the company wants you to think of them as a way to make our lives easier. In a few words Skynet comes with a huge logo in the form of G. Seriously speaking Google recently launched an application called Google Trips , the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis application is basically to make your trip and the previous to it is what Easier and faster as possible so that you can concentrate solely on enjoying the trip you had wanted so much to do or just the vacation you deserve so much. Th

Remove Google anti-theft protection

Many users wonder if it is possible to remove anti-theft protection from Google and the truth is that yes. In this tutorial that we bring you today we are going to explain to you how to do it. To begin, we will explain what Google's anti-theft protection consists of. Today's mobile phones have many security systems, but in the end nothing prevents a hard reset of the phone and leaving the device ready for use by another person

How to download Google Duo APK for free?

If you keep an eye on our articles, you will have seen that many times we talk about the applications that we consider among the most important today, and many times, these are developments of the people of Google, which is one of the firms that best works in applications. . By case, this time we did not want to stop mentioning what happens with one of the apps that most users have been asking us about in recent times, and we talked about how it could not be otherwise, the so-called Google Duo

Download Google Fuchsia OS APK

Do you want to download Google Fuchsia OS APK? You have to know then that in this particular article we are going to teach you not only how to download Google Fuchsia OS APK , but also, some of its main features so that you know them in details. The truth in these senses is that there are many users who want to know more about one of the main announcements or presentations of the Google I / O 2017 Conference

How to Configure and Optimize Google Chrome to Improve Speed, Privacy and Security?

Chrome has a few functions that are used to send data to Google . Something that many recommend to disable to improve the privacy of it. In turn some of these functions are quite useful to improve our experience with the browser. In short, the ideal is to try to reach a certain balance in order to achieve a better overall experience

How to Configure the Security of a Google Account?

The security of our Google account is essential to protect all our data . Especially in the case of mobile devices since these can be lost or stolen more easily than a computer. But in either case it may be that someone who does not have authorization wants to enter our computer or terminal. Security is important to prevent this from happening and that no one except us can use our devices

Google Assistant, Google Assistant Full Manual

What is Google Assistant and how does it work? Have you ever heard about Google Assistant? Would you like to know how it works? The first thing you have to keep in mind is that Google Assistant is a development of The Great G, how could it be otherwise. But beyond that, as many of our readers have been asking us how Google Assistant works, we want to show you some of its details