How to Create an iCloud Account from a Mac or iPhone

Do you want to learn how to create an account in iCloud quickly and easily from your iPhone or computer with Mac operating system? You have to know then that this is one of the most requested tutorials by users, so let's show you step by step in each of the cases. Keep in mind that this time we will not stop on how to perform the step by step on Windows operating systems, but really we are interested in those that are developed by Apple people, ie Mac OS X and iOS

How to see Hidden Folders on Mac

In any operating system can hide folders or files, whether they are the operating system itself or we can even hide files that are personal so that at first glance are not visible to third parties eyes. In case you want to learn how to see hidden folders on Mac or even how to see hidden files on Mac , you just have to follow the step by step tutorial where we will explain in detail everything you need to do to be able to visualize the hidden files On your Mac, luckily there are a couple of options, so you can try either of them, both very effective

How to See the Mac Address of my PC in Windows 7,8, or 10 or in Linux

Do you want to know how to visualize the Mac address of your computer , regardless of whether you have a Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system , or possibly Linux ? You have to consider then that in the following lines we are going to teach you all the details to consider in order to obtain this data even when you are not a computer expert, much less

We teach you how to change the MAC of your computer with Windows 10

For those who do not know very well what is the MAC address is basically the control address of access to the medium, it is a way of identifying the network interface card, it is a kind of address with numbers speaking in a very basic way. Be it for the reason that it is in many occasions we need to make a change of this MAC address and in Windows it is possible , in case you have just Windows 10 we are going to show you how to change the MAC in Windows 10

Install Windows on Mac

Mac computers developed by Apple have a very good reputation and are very appreciated among those who use the computer to work. These computers have the macOS operating system installed, but we may want to change it and install Windows on Mac . In Europe for many years we have been more accustomed to PCs than to Macs and this means that most of the users handle Windows better than with another operating system

How to Remove MacKeeper from my Mac forever

Do you have a Mac computer ? Then you probably know that there are some elements that can get to your team without knowing how they got there, and the case of MacKeeper is one of the most famous in this segment. Although when we speak of MacKeeper we can not say that we are referring specifically to a virus as such, the truth is that its operation does not differ too much from other malwares that generate all kinds of inconveniences in our device

How to Configure, Create and Connect to a VPN on a Mac?

Setting up, creating or connecting to a VPN on computers with Windows operating system can be quite simple for those who have some knowledge about it, and yet it is a problem that will give more than a headache to new Mac users . For this same reason is that, next, we want to review some of the questions that make this procedure, starting from the base that when we talk about VPN we refer to a virtual private network

How to Copy and Paste in Mac Text and Images?

Most users are used to that, when we have to use a computer, it runs the Windows operating system , as a direct consequence of it being the most popular option. Now, however accustomed we are to perform some of the main tasks that can be carried out on a Windows PC, that does not in any way remove that when moving to a Mac we have problems to get used to

Discover How to Record the Screen on Mac Step by Step

If you have ever wanted to know if it is possible to record the screen of your Apple Mac , you have to know that this procedure is not only possible, but also there are several tutorials that allow us to carry it out. What happens is that there are many people who, for various reasons, may be interested in certain moments by recording the screen of your Mac, since that will allow them to send videos with tutorials, record their game games, etc

How to Improve the Security of your Mac OS X?

Outside of what are computers with Windows operating system, we know that a huge number of users have opted, at the time of having to buy a PC, for one of Apple's flagship products, the Mac . The truth is that in our first approach to a Mac, and even when we are experienced users, we can find security vulnerabilities that are very common in any computing device like these