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Apache OpenOffice vs LibreOffice: what office suite is better?

All of us use the different possibilities that exist in the field of office suites, and although of course the most famous is the Microsoft Office that is installed by default in the Windows operating systems of the Redmond company, the truth is that for different reasons, in other occasions we may want to find some good alternatives in the market, among which stands out for example Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice , which, although there are also some more, are generally postulated as the two best office suites optional to Microsoft

Learn to use Excel online

When we talk about office automation there is no doubt that Microsoft through Microsoft Office is the real king of the sector. Using Office with ease and the different programs it contains can be very useful both in the workplace and in our domestic life, so today we will see how to learn to use Excel step by step and also online

How to Uninstall Office 365 Definitively on your PC

Office 365 is one of the most important office suites in the world, which is why a huge number of users have it installed on their computers, either because they themselves have decided to install it, as well as because they have been installed by the manufacturer or the distributor where they acquired the equipment

How to Create PDF of Multiple Pages in Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6

In this tutorial we are going to see how to create a PDF with Photoshop of several pages in a very simple way. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must have Photoshop CS3 onwards to be able to complete this tutorial. In case your version of Photoshop is inferior to the one mentioned above, you will not be able to carry out this guide

How to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations

Making a PowerPoint presentation may seem simple, but in reality it is not. In order to capture the attention of the public and to understand what your idea is, it is fundamental that said presentation meets certain points that we will comment on below. For that reason we will see how to create better PowerPoint presentations so that you stand out when it comes to doing it

How to Edit a Scanned Document in PDF or Word

Have you taken the trouble to scan a paper document and to be able to use it, do you have to make some modifications ? In the first instance you have to know that this is completely possible, without losing sight of the fact that we have a guide thanks to which you can carry out all the changes you want, without having much knowledge about it

How to Delete the Background of a Photo in Word in Easy Steps

Word evolved with the passage of time in an incredible way. To date, many things can be done in the text editor that we only dreamed about or had to use third-party programs. Something quite curious is the possibility of removing the background of a photo we have in a text document, something that can be quite useful

How to Sign a PDF Document and not Die in the Attempt

Today PDF documents are too common, even more so when it comes to PDF documents that must be signed. Many people do not know what to do in these cases because they believe they need to be printed, signed and then scanned again. But in reality this is not absolutely necessary. Next, let's see how to sign a PDF document and not die trying

How to Make a Basic Graph in Excel in a Few Steps

Learning to use Excel today is essential for a wide variety of situations, whether due to study issues or above all for work reasons. For that reason today we are going to see a simple tutorial for those people who want to learn how to make a basic graph with Excel . In case you want to take your first steps with this office application from Microsoft, then read on because this simple, but quite useful tutorial will come as a glove

How to Show the Rule in Word Step by Step

Word has a large number of tools at your disposal so that you can present any kind of document impeccably. One of the most used is the rule so that in this way you can check the margins and dimensions perfectly without any kind of error. That is why in this article we will see how to show the rule in Word step by step so you can learn how to use it

How to Insert an Index in Word in a Few Steps

Inserting an index in Word is actually quite simple. As long as you use the guide we created for you a little below. The good thing about this guide is that it is quite simple and we try to summarize as much as possible so that in very few steps you can create an index in Word without the need to have great knowledge on the subject

How to Pixel an Image Using Paint in Less than 30 Seconds

Do you have to upload an image to a social network or forum, or send it to a friend through instant messaging applications? You have to know then that there are many advanced programs, such as Photopshop, which have functions to pixel them and so do not see some important data, although many users decide to pass them because they simply do not know how they work and do not want to waste time

Compressing and unzipping files has never been easier: WinZip

If you ever heard "zipealo and send it to me" then you're old How many times have you had to send a large amount of files and it makes a big mess? Do you want things to be simpler? Then without a doubt you have to download WinZip which will make it much easier for you to compress and decompress files

Create calendar with Word assistant

Word is the best-known program in Microsoft's office suite . Although the program is widely used to create numerous text documents, it has other extra functions that are often not used. We tell you how to create calendar and use it to control and better manage your daily activities. Thanks to Microsoft Word you can make calendars in an easy and automated way, needing only to change some specific parameters every time

Check out a PDF online in a few simple steps

PDF files are among the most used by users when it comes to having quality texts on the computer . When we try to copy a paragraph or print a zone of the text to read it outside the computer and it does not leave us, this is a PDF file with restricted permissions. No need to worry, it is possible to check PDF and access all the content in a simple way

Tutorial guide: Protect your PDF against online copy

Internet security is fundamental and when it comes to protecting content created by ourselves, it could be said that it is certainly more complicated to maintain the security of our material. We all know that on the internet nothing is really respected and if someone wants to copy something or duplicate certain content without authorization, it can be done practically without consequences, but the ideal is to try to complicate things a bit, in reality as much as possible

How to install Office 365

Microsoft created Office more than 20 years ago and since then this office suite has become one of the most used worldwide. With the passage of time the versions of this program have been updated, until reaching version 365, which is the current one. Let's see how to install Office 365 on your computer

I love PDF, works freely with PDF documents

Today we are going to talk about I Love PDF, an application with which we can modify PDF documents without having Adobe on our computer. The web incorporates a set of very useful tools that allow us to make adjustments in a PDF document and even change it in format. What is the PDF format? PDF stands for "Portable Document Format" , it is a storage format for digital documents that works independently of hardware and software platforms

The Main Basic Formulas in Excel [2018]

Technology simplifies our lives a lot, gives us many comforts and also helps to advance more and more in medicine among other things. The good thing is that when it comes to making calculations we also have the easiest things and that thanks to Excel formulas. Excel, which is part of Office, has many benefits which can make things much easier for us

How to install Office 2016

If we talk about office suites we can not stop referring to Office. This software developed by Microsoft has been on the market for more than two decades and is still the favorite of most users. Let's see how to install Office 2016 . Microsoft has worked constantly with Office to continue improving it and offer new features that make it more manageable and efficient

The 3 best sites to unlock PDF

More than once in the past we have spoken on this site about PDF files, which are widely used in some jobs or as proof of purchase; also to publish works on the web that we want to be seen. The problem of downloading PDFs is that many times they are blocked , and that is why we wanted to make this article for our readers

The best free PDF editors

If you have had to do work for the school, the university or the office, it is more than likely that at some point you have run into the classic PDF files, which look so beautiful when we open or print them. Indeed, PDF files have been gaining ground impressively in recent times , making this Adobe program one of the most requested by users

How to check out an Excel sheet that has a password

Obviously, encrypting any kind of file such as a folder with a password or even a mobile phone, is something extremely important to keep the curious eyes of sensitive information. But the problem comes when for some reason you forget that password, how can you solve it? In case you do not know how to check out an Excel spreadsheet with password , do not worry because then I'll show you exactly how it is that you have to do without many problems

Have in your Computer one of the most used Programs in the World, RAR

WinRAR is one of the most used programs around the world to compress and decompress RAR, ZIP files and several other formats. Even the new version is compatible with the RAR5 compression algorithm, in case you find files that have this algorithm it is necessary to have the latest version of the program to decompress it and that is why it is important that you can download RAR in its latest version

Tutorial: Unlock a password protected PDF

Passwords are useful to protect different files or accounts , it is something that we use every day if we need to. Having PDF files protected with a password is normal to protect your content, but if you want to delete the password to enjoy that content or simply because you know that the PDF will be in a safe place and you do not have to be too protected, then you Let's teach next, how to unlock a protected PDF

How to join several PDF files in a single document?

We are totally sure that at some point you will have used the famous PDF documents when we refer to the format in which they are available, one that is increasingly used all over the world. Indeed, PDFs are available in all operating systems and have all kinds of possible uses that range from professional to domestic without distinction

How to Copy and Paste with the Keyboard in Microsoft Excel?

Among all the programs that are installed on our computers with Windows operating system, we know that one of the main ones is the famous Excel , the one that interests us specifically on this particular occasion. The truth is that although Excel has millions of daily users around the world , there are still many people who wonder what steps have to be followed in order to make the most of their particularities, knowing every action in it

How to Repair Damaged Word Files

One of the worst situations that we can pass those people who work with Word documents has to do with cases in which, already advanced a file, it is closed only or the computer is turned off, and we lose. The problem is that many times when we try to recover it, we find that the Word document is corrupt , and it is at that precise moment when we have to take some letters in the matter

How to Create an Expanding List in Excel

What we are going to see today is how to create a drop-down list in Excel . Something that has been quite useful to choose a value from a list. Making things pretty simple for those templates where the same thing is repeated almost always. It is a way to make things easier for those who have to fill in these templates

How to List Pages in Word Manually

Word is the main program for editing text documents, and as we know, we talk about one of the many applications that are part of the office suite Office , developed by Microsoft people. Now, there are many more people who use this service than those who know all its secrets, so that, from time to time, it is not wrong to analyze some of them

How to Make a PDF Editable in Few Steps

Today we are going to see how to make an editable PDF so that you can then fill it out at will . It is a somewhat laborious task. However, with the guide that you will see below you will not have any kind of problem to be able to make an editable PDF so that later you can fill it out with pleasure. How to make an editable PDF with Word Word is a very flexible program that allows us to perform a myriad of tasks