Phrases to wish a friend good night

Sometimes, we may have a friend somewhere far away and we have kept awake at night telling us the news of one and another, and the truth is that there comes a time of the talk in which we must go to bed to start the day of the next day . In those heartfelt conversations we can have with other people, it may sometimes be necessary to say goodbye in a slightly more extensive way than usual

14 sentences by Martín Hache with Federico Luppi

The famous Argentine actor Federico Luppi has died today, and as a tribute, in MiraCómoHacerlo we want to remember some of the most salient phrases of one of his most remembered films in Spain, Martín Hache . Then, then, 14 phrases by Martín Hache with Federico Luppi that we think you should know today in order to dismiss Luppi in this way. M

15 phrases of breast cancer to fight against him

On the initiative of the World Health Organization, this October 19 is the International Day of the Fight against Breast Cancer with the aim of raising awareness and promoting the fight against one of the main diseases that affect women in all the world. And as always in MiraCómoHacerlo, we want to give you our encouragement and strength with some of the best phrases against breast cancer .

The best birthday phrases for your loved ones

Do you have a friend, acquaintance or partner who is about to turn years? What better then to show you how much you appreciate using some of the best birthday phrases we can consider in these cases. The truth is that it is not necessary to have too much inventiveness, since we can search even some of the best Internet birthday phrases to use in these situations

Random Quotations, find your inspiring phrase

Famous phrases or quotes have always been very popular, but undoubtedly during recent years it has been social networks that have most influenced this type of phrases are disclosed. Today it is difficult to enter a social network like Facebook for example and not see any inspiring phrase. If you are always looking for the most appropriate phrase or appointment, your application in Random Appointments

Great quotes from Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an inventor, mechanical engineer, electrical and physical engineer, but has gone down in history for his many inventions in the field of electromagnetism between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan (Austro-Hungarian Empire and today Croatia) in June 1856

Great phrases by Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is undoubtedly the most reputable scientist of the twentieth century, author of the theory of special relativity and the theory of general relativity, his works also served as a basis for statistical physics and quantum mechanics. Brief biography of Einstein Albert Einstein was born in March 1879 in what was then the German Empire and spent much of his childhood in Munich

The Best Phrases of Stranger Things

Stranger Things has just released its second season, and if you are reading all the articles of Mira Como Hacerlo, you will have seen that in many of them we are analyzing all the news of one of the series of the moment. In this particular case, we did not want to stop showing you all the details related to the best phrases of Stranger Things , so you can remember them if you had not seen them

The best Maluma phrases for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Do you want to know the best Maluma phrases for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram? You have to know then that we have compiled some of the best in this segment for you to know. The truth is that Maluma is one of the best artists of today, and we are sure that one of those phrases will especially call attention in these cases

No Pirlo No Party, what does this phrase mean?

Have you ever heard the phrase No Pirlo No Party? You have to know that probably if you have taken the trouble to look for it on the web, you will have seen that there are all kinds of images related to No Pirlo No Party. The truth is that No Pirlo No Party was one of the first memes that became famous all over the world , and we want to show you all the important details about it

20 Phrases for the Day of Peronist Loyalty

Among all the days of social relevance that are celebrated in the Argentine Republic during the whole year, undoubtedly one of the most important is the Day of Peronist Loyalty, in commemoration of that October 17, 1945 , when it occurred in the province of Buenos Aires a great citizen mobilization that demanded the liberation of the then colonel Juan Domingo Perón.

25 phrases for rainy days

Tired of those rainy days that seem to bring everything sad? You have to know that this is not the case in any way, since you can also find happy thoughts even when we can not see the sun in the sky. On this special occasion, we are going to bring you then 25 of the best phrases for rainy days, so all you have to do is read them and start sharing them with your loved ones and friends

The best phrases to celebrate Doctor's Day

This October 24 is celebrating a new Doctor's Day in Mexico, where many of our readers are, and that is precisely why we did not want to stop making an article with some of the best congratulations on the matter. You will find then, some of the best phrases to celebrate the Day of the Doctor that you have to know in these situations

Birthday phrases for a friend

Do you have a friend who has years in a short time? Then it is better that you prepare the right words to get your attention when celebrating with him a new anniversary of his birth . We ourselves are going to give you some of the best birthday phrases you should have in mind, since we can express in this way all the appreciation we have for that person, making it very clear how important their presence is in our lives, and how much we love him The best birthday phrases for friends I already know that words can not substitute a hug, but they serve to send you my best wishes for your birthday

Memes and cold phrases for the arrival of winter

Do you want to know some of the best cold memes and phrases for the arrival of winter? The truth is that many of our readers are about to witness the arrival of the coldest season of the year, and today we have thought of them. Therefore, we bring you some good winter phrases and memes that we are sure you will want to share with all your friends

The Best Halloween Phrases 2019 for WhatsApp

Without a doubt, in the international calendar we know that Halloween is one of the best or most important celebrations that take place all over the world, and that's why in Mira Como Hacerlo we did not want to stop talking about it. Best of all, in this case, we're going to give you some of the best Halloween 2019 phrases for your WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter status

The Best Holy Congratulations Quotes for WhatsApp

Do you want to know the best phrases of congratulations of saint for WhatsApp? You have to know then that you have arrived at the indicated article, since next we are going to show you some of the best alternatives in this regard. The truth is that we want to teach you up to 40 phrases of congratulations of saint that you should take into account in this type of situations

The Best Phrases for WhatsApp States

Have not you changed your WhatsApp status a long time ago? You have to know then that it is one of the best ways to personalize our account of the messenger we have at hand, and that is why we believe that you should take advantage of it. In this special article we will show you all the details that you should keep in mind whenever you want to look up phrases for WhatsApp states