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How to activate 4G on Samsung J7 Prime

The mobile Internet is something that today for many people either hobby, work or to stay connected became something fundamental in their lives. Having mobile internet is necessary for the pace of life we ​​have and more with WhatsApp, for example, which for a while now completely eliminated messages, SMS and traditional calls. In

Indispensable applications for your Samsung J2 Prime You Can not Miss!

At this point we know and very well that one of the best lines that Samsung has is the J, because although it is low / medium range we have to take into account that, for example, with the new Prime versions that came out, the mobiles They practically became medium / high. Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is really a mobile with a lot of potential which undoubtedly has a lot to offer and we want to help you to squeeze it to the maximum by recommending a few applications that you should not miss for anything in the world

This is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, an improved midrange

If we stop to think about which are the mobile devices companies that more terminals sell in the whole world, closing to those that have to do with Android above all, we can see that Samsung is the one that is at the head of these numbers in almost every country. Of course, we have great examples to the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note, but in this case we want to stop at a rather recent terminal, which has very good features, as is the example of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

This is how you have to put the autocorrector on Samsung Grand Prime

I still remember the BlackBerry Curve devices which did not need the autocorrector, at least not me since I was too precise when writing with the physical QWERTY keyboard , with which you can perfectly feel the keys. The issue is that with the keyboards on mobile devices like the Samsung Grand Prime, which are completely tactile, they are almost fundamental, some may not, there are many people who prefer not to use any kind of autocorrector, which is much more comfortable

Where to buy the cheapest Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Undoubtedly, if we analyze the market statistics that the companies offer to the public and specialists, we can see that in recent times, the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is one of the phones that Samsung sells the most . What happens is that the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime has very good benefits in consideration of its price obviously, and that is why, if you want to take one home and live in Chile, we will try to offer some very attractive information about it so that you have account

How to erase the pre-installed applications of the Galaxy J7 Prime

It is normal for mid-range phones such as the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime to have a small amount of internal memory, especially when many applications are installed and fill the internal memory in a short time. This is why many users are looking for ways to erase the pre-installed applications of the Galaxy J7 Prime

Blessed Music: Player for Samsung Grand Prime Mission Impossible? No way

Keep in mind that the Samsung Grand Prime as most of the Samsung come with a music player by default quite effective which is Samsung Music . We can also count on Google Play Music, although we can obviously find an enormous variety of applications in the Play Store, which are quite good. In this article we are going to talk a little about all this, we go below

The best apps for Samsung J2 Prime

One of the best-performing phones is undoubtedly bringing people to Samsung is the J2 Prime , the new version of the Samsung J2 that worked so well. Obviously there are some applications that we could say are for this Smartphone, applications that you have to have yes or yes in the installed mobile device

Increase the volume to the Samsung Grand Prime

For one of the things we use the phone is to listen to music, for example. But it is clear that leaving aside that you hear or not music in it in certain situations it is necessary to increase the volume of your Samsung Grand Prime, whether you want to listen to a song or just need to listen to an audio WhatsApp, whatever the reason it becomes fundamental to be able to increase the volume when you want and we will teach you exactly in this article how to increase the volume of Samsung Grand Prime

The best and the worst of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Although it is true that when we analyze the catalog of Samsung mobile devices we find that there are many interesting, we can not help but consider that there are many teams as attractive as the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, although they belong to other categories . In this particular case, we do not want to stop considering everything related to the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, another of the terminals about which we are going to analyze both its strengths and those possible weaknesses

Discover How to Make a Screen Capture on the Samsung Grand Prime

Samsung devices are very similar to each other, in fact, most of the time the way we perform some process on the devices of this brand works the same. For example, making a screenshot on the Samsung Grand Prime is done just like on any other Samsung mobile, however, in this model there are several ways to do it and here we will tell you how

Everything you need to know before buying a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

When we think about the different mobile devices that Samsung people have in the market, there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is one of the most preferred of the public , and that in essence, we are in the presence of a mobile of excellent quality / price ratio. Beyond that, we did not want to stop considering in any case, that whenever we go to acquire a new terminal, we have to try to know everything possible about it, so let's talk a little about the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

The best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 and Core Prime

Each of the existing phones have tricks or at least most, these tricks help you make it much easier to use and optimize to make it work better. In this case the Samsung Galaxy Core, Core 2 and Core Prime are very good quality phones and you can expect them from one of the best technology companies in the world

What is the best antivirus for the Samsung Grand Prime?

Of course, if right now we start thinking about what are the most famous smartphones that Samsung people have in the market, many of us will stop in the Galaxy S, or failing that, in the Galaxy Note, when in fact, before there were others equally important. For example, we can not stop considering the case of such a transcendent device as the Samsung Grand Prime , about which we must say that in some cases it is still working even today

Problems and Solutions of the Samsung J2 Prime

The Samsung brand is increasingly able to launch more mobile phones, many of which are based on versions that already exist , so every year they seek to improve a phone that has already been launched, this is the great success they have had in the market by taking out new This is the versions of the Samsung J2 Prime

The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime receives Android 7.0 Nougat

Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is one of the most successful smartphones in terms of sales , of the entire catalog of the Korean firm. However, as often happens to Samsung, complaints from users who commented that the update to Android 7.0 Nougat of these terminals had been delayed too much

How to improve the WiFi signal of the Samsung Grand Prime

One of the main elements that we must take into account when we want to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by a smartphone, is the connectivity of them. Indeed, we must emphasize in this sense that when it comes to increasing the WiFi signal of mobile devices, there are many tricks that we can find going around the web, although not all of them are really useful , like the ones we want to show you next so you have in mind

Solution: Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime DOES NOT Recognize the SD Card ✅

One of the best low-end phones you can buy today is without a doubt the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime . It is clear that no device is perfect, although it is very good mobile has its negative things as we have told you before, but also many other positive and luckily these last are many more than the first

I can not put SD card in Samsung J7 and J7 Prime

We can not deny that one of the best devices, with the permission of the Samsung S8, that launched the company was undoubtedly the Samsung J7 and its improved version the J7 Prime. After all these phones have very good features at a price that is very competent and that allows a large number of users can access it without any kind of problem


Samsung's cell phone models have some simple adjustment problems normally, the main problem of the Samsung J2 Prime takes dark or fuzzy photos , which also happens when it comes to videos, which is why many users complain about the Samsung J2 Prime, that is not a good cell phone model, because it has a camera of poor quality then we will discover for sure why samsung j2 prime takes pictures and videos dark

The Trick to Know if a Samsung Grand Prime is Original

While it is possible that when right now we think of Samsung as one of the leading mobile manufacturers around the world, the first thing that comes to mind is the Galaxy S7, the truth is that the Korean has many other famous devices that has sold by millions around the world. In this particular case, we did not want to stop mentioning one that seems to bring several inconveniences to its users, not for its operation, but for another specific reason, as is the case of the Samsung Grand Prime

How to reset a Samsung Galaxy Grand factory?

Although it is true that if we stop to think about the most famous smartphones that are part of the catalog of Samsung people, we probably have to look first of all at the Galaxy S or the Galaxy Note, we know that many others were recognized by the public before. We do not need to go too far in time to remember that the Samsung Galaxy Grand also sold by millions in its different versions , and in this particular case we want to teach you an important tutorial about it

How to activate the autocorrector in Samsung Grand Prime

With the advent of digital keyboards spelling and calligraphy errors began to increase for those who came from QWERTY physical keyboards where literally did not need any kind of autocorrector since once you get used to it is simply impressive the level of writing you can have on a mobile phone. Maybe that's why I know how strange the phones like BlackBerry

This is how you can connect a Samsung Grand Prime to a TV

As technology advances there are certain things that become extremely normal. Thinking several years ago to connect the mobile device to a TV was crazy, but for some time this is something too common and many people use various methods to connect your mobile device to the TV and thus reproduce a large variety of contents and even watch movies using your phone in order to enjoy your leisure moments as much as possible

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Simple and Fast

It is normal in everything that we want to have our device as protected as possible. In any case we can create for example a pattern or add some kind of password . They are useful because in this way not only anyone would not have access to our private information, but also in case someone steals our device will not be able to access any kind of information about it

Format Samsung Grand Prime

We store so much data and files on our mobile devices that sometimes, no matter how hard we try to clean them, we do not get the desired results and a rebellious file that we thought we had deleted, always ends up appearing, but no. To avoid this kind of problems we will see several ways to format Samsung Grand Prime

What do I do when my Samsung Grand Prime gets too hot?

One of the most popular devices a while ago was the Samsung Grand Prime. A mobile that enjoyed a lot of popularity in its time and to which even today enjoys having a large number of people who use one of these phones. That's why it's not at all strange to come across this kind of questions. Why would my Grand Prime get hot

Download Music Player for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

With each new phone that Samsung is released we have been able to realize something serious, and is that Samsung often forget to include one of the most important applications, ie the music player for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. However, this is not a major problem since there is a wide variety of players in the Google Play Store

Solution Little Space on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Beyond the obvious success that the Galaxy A, Galaxy J and Galaxy S terminal families of the people of Samsung have exposed in recent years, we find ourselves in the same way that this company has many other interesting devices to consider. In this particular case we wanted to stop in one that does not belong to any of these ranges, and yet seems to have become one of the favorites of a huge number of users around the world, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Do you have a Samsung Grand Prime? Who knows how to activate the notification light? We show you how

One of the most popular Samsung devices at least in what would be the low-medium range is the Samsung Grand Prime , launched a couple of years ago in different countries of the world is still a device to consider to acquire and surely there is many people who since they bought it, still continue with their faithful friend who does not abandon them, because without a doubt, it is a Smartphone of very good quality and quite durable, unlike the Samsung Note 7 obviously

How to Upgrade the Samsung Grand Prime to Marshmallow?

Surely if you have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime you may have the Android 4.4.4 KitKat version or Android 5.1 Lollipop . This mid-range mobile phone gave much to talk about since its departure in 2014 and is that the quality of it is quite good, the price is extremely accessible which is clear that it is too attractive for most people who do not want to leave a lot of money on their devices

Samsung Grand Prime goes Slow [Quick Solution]

At this point, mobile devices are like minicomputers. With them we are able to do many things that were previously limited only to the computers in question. Now with our phones we can do so many things and we even have applications that allow us to control other devices, about our health, etc. But at the same time to be like computers to say in some way we must also bear in mind that these must have a maintenance to avoid that in the same way that a PC becomes little by little slower , in the following article we are going to teach first of all how to keep your mobile phone in top condition an

Is the Samsung Grand Prime Water Resistant?

One of the great mobile devices of Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime , this is because due to the fact that it is low range, the number of people who have access to it is much greater, the price goes quite well with a device with very high characteristics. good and that is quite resistant to the passage of time, therefore, it ended up becoming a great option for those who do not want to spend too much money on a mobile phone

How to Accelerate the Samsung Grand Prime [Easy and Fast]

Keep in mind that currently mobile phones are, in a nutshell, pocket computers. What happens when a computer is full of games, programs, personal files , etc.? When are we left with very little space? When have we not formatted it for too long? Obviously what happens is that it starts to become too slow, especially if we do not basically maintain it, you could say that the same thing happens on smartphones

Solution: Samsung Grand Prime stays in the Logo, Turns on but DOES NOT Start

Samsung Grand Prime is a pretty good mobile in everything, which has some very interesting features considering the money it costs to acquire it obviously. The issue is that despite that has one or another problem, in all as any kind of mobile device, we know that nothing is perfect and just this mobile is no exception